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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11 Conclusion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hawking argues that randomness must exist to a certain degree due to what?
(a) The lack of knowledge.
(b) The ability to run time backwards.
(c) The theory of relativity.
(d) The uncertainty principle.

2. Galaxies contain what?
(a) Stars.
(b) The universe.
(c) The earth.
(d) Other galaxies.

3. If you use Hawking's model of the universe, how did the universe start?
(a) It started with a big bang.
(b) There was no beginning, it has always been there.
(c) It started with the evaporation of other universes.
(d) It started with the collapse of a black hole in a previous universe.

4. Who said, "Physics as we know it will be over in six months."
(a) Albert Einstein.
(b) Max Born.
(c) Kurt Godel.
(d) Stephen Hawking.

5. Who published a paper on Brownian motion in 1905?
(a) Ernest Rutherford.
(b) Albert Einstein.
(c) Murray Gell-Mann.
(d) James Chadwick.

Short Answer Questions

1. There must be a beginning and an end to the universe if what theory is used?

2. In what year did Wolfgang Pauli bring the exclusion principle to physics?

3. Who proposed the idea that there are such things called quanta?

4. Heisenberg and Erwin Shrodinger developed what reformulation of standard mechanics?

5. What is the second law of thermodynamics?

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