Objects & Places from A Bend in the Road

Nicholas Sparks (author)
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Green Jacket

This is an unattractive, but warm garment that Sarah's mother warns her not to wear during a date.

Matchbox Cars

Sarah gives these to Jonah at Thanksgiving to make up for a lack of children to play with during dinner.


Many of these fill the home of Miles and Jonah, particularly the master bedroom.

Home Videos

Miles often watches these late at night and reminiscences about the past.

Case File

Miles uses these to try to figure out who caused the death of Missy.

Extra Schoolwork

This is given to Jonah who has fallen behind in school due to the compassion of previous teachers after his mother's death.


Miles takes this out of a lock box in his storage shed after his own have been confiscated by the sheriff.

Pontiac Bonneville

Brian used this for travel when he was seventeen.

Rhett's Barbecue

This was...

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