A Bend in the Road Character Descriptions

Nicholas Sparks (author)
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Miles Ryan

This character is a widower who is trying to raise a young child alone.

Missy Ryan

This character is hit by a car while jogging and dies instantly.

Jonah Ryan

This character needs a tutor, which results in their parent meeting a future romantic interest.

Sarah Andrews

This character is a teacher who has recently moved to New Bern to be closer to family.

Brian Andrews

This character committed a crime as a teenager that has left this character dealing with terrible guilt and behavioral problems.

Maureen Andrews

This character is a parent who is constantly interfering in the lives of their children.

Charlie Curtis

This character is the sheriff in New Bern.

Otis Timson

This character is a habitual criminal, part of a family of habitual criminals, who appears to have a vendetta against a local sheriff's deputy.

Harvey Wellman

This character is the local...

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