A Bend in the Road Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nicholas Sparks (author)
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Prologue and Chapters 1-2

• An unnamed narrator introduces the story of Miles and Missy, a young couple who were high school sweethearts and married, having a son.

• The unnamed narrator talks about Missy, how happy she was in her marriage and how everyone in town liked her.

• The unnamed narrator tells how Missy was killed in a hit and run accident, leaving Miles devastated and Jonah without a mother.
• It has been two years since Missy's death.

• Although devastated after her death and obsessed with learning the identity of her killer, Miles has gotten on with his life for Jonah.

• Miles realizes that he has gotten lonely and that he might be open to finding a new love soon.
• Miles gets his son up and ready for school.

• Miles and Jonah talk about school.

• Miles questions Jonah on why his teacher would want to see him.
• Sarah Andrews...

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