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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the light of day, how does Salim see Yvette's and Raymond's house?
(a) It is different in the sunlight; everything seems faded and worn.
(b) The furniture has all been removed.
(c) The carpet has holes worn in it.
(d) It is much more lavish than he remembered it.

2. What does Salim worry about as he thinks of Yvette?
(a) That she and Raymond will be leaving
(b) That he is becoming obsessed with her
(c) That he is not good enough for her
(d) That she is having an affair with Indar

3. Where do Salim and Yvette go after the steamer gets out of sight?
(a) To a European restaurant
(b) To Salim's store
(c) To the Domain
(d) To find Raymond

4. Where does a friend of Indar's take him?
(a) To meet an American who is interested in helping Africa
(b) To a job fair where he can get many interviews
(c) To a reception for the President who is visiting London
(d) To Paris where there is less racism

5. What happened when Indar began applying for jobs?
(a) He had to learn how to write a resume
(b) He had no luck.
(c) He was not offered enough money.
(d) He was given several offers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Salim have in his desk drawer?

2. As the steamer finally leaves, why is Salim happy?

3. What happens after the Youth Guard is disbanded?

4. How has Salim's attitude about Indar changed?

5. What happened to Nazruddin in Canada?

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