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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens at the end of Salim's visit to London?
(a) He is robbed of everything but his return flight ticket.
(b) He severes all ties with Nazruddin and returns to Africa.
(c) He finds a job and returns to sell his store.
(d) He becomes engaged to Kareisha and leaves to go back to Africa.

2. What does Indar tell Salim about his arrival in London?
(a) At first he did not think he could make it there.
(b) When he first left Africa for London, he thought he would never come back.
(c) He was appalled by the racism in London.
(d) He had never been so lost in his life.

3. What is the "Cult of Madonna?"
(a) The elevated position of women in the country.
(b) A radical religious group who brainwash believers.
(c) The shrines set up as a tribute to the President's mother.
(d) The state religion ordered by the President.

4. Why is Ferdinand leaving the Domain?
(a) Ferdinand has flunked out.
(b) Ferdinand is going back to live with Zabeth.
(c) Ferdinand is leaving for a cadetship at the capital.
(d) Ferdinand has an incurable illness.

5. What does Salim hold onto in the face of all this corruption?
(a) He remembers how things get bad and then get better.
(b) He still believes in the power of the President.
(c) He contends that the President will appeal to the UN.
(d) He holds onto the idea of leaving the country.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Salim go on his first airplane flight?

2. What happens after the Youth Guard is disbanded?

3. What has become of Raymond and Yvette?

4. Where does a friend of Indar's take him?

5. What does Shoba do when she returns?

Short Essay Questions

1. What indicates the end to the boom times in the town?

2. What situation irritates Indar when he meets Shoba and Mahesh?

3. How are things different socially for Salim after his return from London?

4. Although already captivated by Yvette, why does Salim think he might not have become involved with her?

5. Describe the beginning of the relationship between Salim and Yvette.

6. What is the situation between the President and Raymond?

7. How does Salim get away from the local situation for a while?

8. Explain Zabeth's concern for her son Ferdinand.

9. What is the conclusion Salim draws about the relationship between Yvette and Raymond?

10. Explain the basis for Indar's depression.

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