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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After lunch, what does Salim imagine about Yvette's house?
(a) It is sad and she must consider it as a prison.
(b) That he could never compete with all Yvette has with Raymond.
(c) They have so many possessions the house is not large enough.
(d) That the house reflects the closeness of Yvette and Raymond.

2. What happens when Metty takes out the car?
(a) He is harassed for bribes and finally jailed.
(b) The car is impounded for a bribe.
(c) He is beaten for driving without a permit.
(d) His tires are slashed.

3. What becomes routine for Salim?
(a) Seeing Yvette every Tuesday and thursday.
(b) Writing love note to Yvette.
(c) Afternoons with Yvette, dinner with Yvette and Raymond, and nights with Yvette.
(d) Sleeping with Yvette every time Raymond goes to the capital.

4. In the light of day, how does Salim see Yvette's and Raymond's house?
(a) The carpet has holes worn in it.
(b) It is much more lavish than he remembered it.
(c) The furniture has all been removed.
(d) It is different in the sunlight; everything seems faded and worn.

5. What does Indar say about Africans abroad?
(a) They are too shy to mix with the Europeans.
(b) They never think about Africa again.
(c) They see everything but make no effort to change anything.
(d) They are like sheep without a shepherd.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has become of Kareisha, Nazruddin's daughter whom Salim feared he might have to marry?

2. Who is the new owner of Salim's store and why did that happen?

3. How does the purser on the steamer show that he does not respect the President?

4. What is so surprising about Shoba going to her country when her father dies?

5. What group begins guided tours of the Domain?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Salim and Metty observe from the President's radio broadcast?

2. Explain Salim's obsession with Yvette.

3. What situation irritates Indar when he meets Shoba and Mahesh?

4. How does Indar's behavior on the steamer show that he is not as sure of himself as he told Salim he was?

5. How does Salim react to Nazruddin's letter from Uganda?

6. How does Salim learn more about Raymond?

7. What indicates the end to the boom times in the town?

8. Explain Zabeth's concern for her son Ferdinand.

9. What encouragement did a woman lecturer give Indar in England?

10. Explain the basis for Indar's depression.

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