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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Yvette tell Salim about Indar?
(a) That he plans on going to America
(b) That he bored her to tears
(c) That he needs someone to think for him
(d) He had become an encumbrance that became a habit.

2. What happens after the Youth Guard is disbanded?
(a) The Domain is closed to the public.
(b) Police and other officials start harassing people.
(c) The young men become bandits.
(d) The President's army moves in.

3. What does Salim notice when he gets out of the country?
(a) In New York, the people know nothing about Africa.
(b) In Canada ,the people are friendly and outgoing.
(c) In the Capital, everyone is as afraid as they are in the town.
(d) In London, the streets are crowded and filled with stalls, booths, kiosks, and grocery stores all run by foreigners like himself.

4. What amazes Salim about Raymond?
(a) He has no ambition to leave the country.
(b) He does not seem to love Yvette.
(c) He works on plans to overthrow the President.
(d) His position with the President is shaky but he remains loyal.

5. Why does Raymond think it is good that the President's book is so quickly forgotten?
(a) Because Raymond is using much of it in his book.
(b) Because the President will write a better book.
(c) Because the book was too good for the African publis.
(d) Because the President may now realize he's being badly advised.

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does Salim get from Uganda?

2. What has become of Raymond and Yvette?

3. Where is Nazruddin thinking of moving his family?

4. What surprising action does the President take for the town?

5. What word does Indar say kept his spirits high when he first arrived in London?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Salim react to Nazruddin's letter from Uganda?

2. What do Salim and Metty observe from the President's radio broadcast?

3. Explain who initiates the affair between Salim and Yvette.

4. Explain Salim's obsession with Yvette.

5. What situation irritates Indar when he meets Shoba and Mahesh?

6. Although already captivated by Yvette, why does Salim think he might not have become involved with her?

7. What is a clear sign that the President is now taking charge of his own destiny?

8. What does Indar tell Salim about his plans for his future?

9. Explain the basis for Indar's depression.

10. What was the social gaffe that got Yvette excluded for the President's social events?

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