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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Indar tell Salim about his arrival in London?
(a) When he first left Africa for London, he thought he would never come back.
(b) He was appalled by the racism in London.
(c) He had never been so lost in his life.
(d) At first he did not think he could make it there.

2. How do the businessmen react to the changes coming about?
(a) They kid themselves by talking about how their town is better than anywhere else.
(b) They build a new airport.
(c) They get busy and make contingency plans.
(d) They start recuriting industry for the town.

3. What is Indar's moment of insight?
(a) He realizes he must return to his roots to be happy.
(b) He understands that he was meant to write the African story.
(c) He knows without a doubt that he belongs to himself alone and would surrender his manhood to nobody.
(d) He sees he has not marketed himself correctly.

4. Where does a friend of Indar's take him?
(a) To a reception for the President who is visiting London
(b) To a job fair where he can get many interviews
(c) To meet an American who is interested in helping Africa
(d) To Paris where there is less racism

5. When and where does the affair between Salim and Yvette begin?
(a) Right after the lunch in Yvette's bedroom
(b) A week later in the hotel
(c) The night after the lunch in Salim's warehouse
(d) The day after the lunch when Yvette comes to Salim's apartment

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Nazruddin in Canada?

2. What does Indar say his goal is now?

3. What does Salim learn from Yvette about Raymond's writing?

4. What news does Salim get from Uganda?

5. What happens when Metty takes out the car?

Short Essay Questions

1. Although already captivated by Yvette, why does Salim think he might not have become involved with her?

2. What has become of Indar?

3. How does Salim get away from the local situation for a while?

4. Why do Indar and Ferdinand both board the steamer at the same time?

5. What indicates the end to the boom times in the town?

6. How does Salim begin to compare himself with Mahesh?

7. How does the situation in the town deteriorate after the Youth Guard is disbanded?

8. How does Indar's behavior on the steamer show that he is not as sure of himself as he told Salim he was?

9. What encouragement did a woman lecturer give Indar in England?

10. Explain the changes that took place with Salim's shop while he was away in London.

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