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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Indar to become depressed?
(a) He cannot persuade Yvette to divorce Raymond.
(b) He is having to take on more classes at the Domain.
(c) His time at the Domain is coming to an end.
(d) Salim does not visit him any more.

2. What upsets Indar when he sees the fake Hindu decorations at the Indian High Commission?
(a) They let their culture become foreign kitsch.
(b) They look in poor repair.
(c) They are too expensive to put outside a building.
(d) They do not include any Muslim artifacts.

3. What has become of Indar back in Africa?
(a) He has gone into hiding.
(b) He is imprisoned by the President.
(c) He has opened a Hindu ashram.
(d) He does the lowest kind of jobs and will not take help.

4. What happens when Salim introduces Indar to Shoba and Mahesh?
(a) They go into business with each other.
(b) They become instant best friends.
(c) They do not get along.
(d) They speak French.

5. What signals the end of the town's boom?
(a) Noiman, a successful Greek businessman, sells out and moves to Australia.
(b) The Domain is closed.
(c) The river changes course after an earthquake.
(d) There is a datastrophic fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mahesh's behavior while Shoba is gone?

2. What did one of Indar's lecturers suggest for him?

3. What amazes Salim about Raymond?

4. What does Salim have in his desk drawer?

5. Where is Nazruddin thinking of moving his family?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Salim get away from the local situation for a while?

2. Explain Salim's obsession with Yvette.

3. What do Salim and Metty observe from the President's radio broadcast?

4. What is the conclusion Salim draws about the relationship between Yvette and Raymond?

5. Explain Zabeth's concern for her son Ferdinand.

6. Explain the basis for Indar's depression.

7. What indicates the end to the boom times in the town?

8. Why do Indar and Ferdinand both board the steamer at the same time?

9. How does Salim begin to compare himself with Mahesh?

10. How does Indar's behavior on the steamer show that he is not as sure of himself as he told Salim he was?

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