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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the steamer, what does Salim notice about Ferdinand?
(a) That he is too shy to ask questions.
(b) That he is comfortable wherever he is.
(c) That he has grown dangerously thin.
(d) That he cannot do things for himself.

2. What does Indar say his goal is now?
(a) To give the men hope, to give Africa better news about itself, and to start the true African revolution.
(b) To write the book that Raymond is incapable of writing.
(c) To stay on the lecture circuit and make a fortune.
(d) To go into politics and run against the President.

3. What did one of Indar's lecturers suggest for him?
(a) That he become a public speaker
(b) That he take another degree
(c) That he become a diplomat
(d) That he start his own business in Africa

4. What is Indar's comment about Africa?
(a) Indar says that Africa is full of refugees who are also first generation intellectuals.
(b) Native Africans are less intelligent than the Europeans.
(c) Africa is too tribal to ever form stable governments.
(d) Africa is two thousand years behind the times.

5. What is Indar's moment of insight?
(a) He sees he has not marketed himself correctly.
(b) He knows without a doubt that he belongs to himself alone and would surrender his manhood to nobody.
(c) He realizes he must return to his roots to be happy.
(d) He understands that he was meant to write the African story.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Salim reply to Nazruddin?

2. Why was Indar turned down at the Indian High Commission?

3. What does Salim learn from Yvette about Raymond's writing?

4. Who is the new owner of Salim's store and why did that happen?

5. What distresses Salim every time he drives the car?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Salim get away from the local situation for a while?

2. How does the situation in the town deteriorate after the Youth Guard is disbanded?

3. How does Salim learn more about Raymond?

4. What does Indar tell Salim about his plans for his future?

5. What is the conclusion Salim draws about the relationship between Yvette and Raymond?

6. Why do Indar and Ferdinand both board the steamer at the same time?

7. Explain the basis for Indar's depression.

8. Explain Salim's obsession with Yvette.

9. Why does Indar think moving African intellectuals around the continent would be good for Africa?

10. What has become of Indar?

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