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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On his trip to the central part of Africa, who stops Salim often for money or supplies?
(a) Tribal leaders
(b) Beggars
(c) Men with guns
(d) People wanting to escape

2. What does Indar lecture about when Salim attends his class?
(a) Parts of Africa he has visited
(b) The preservation of wildlife
(c) The economics of gold and ivory
(d) Life in England

3. Moving deeper into Africa, what crosses Salim's mind?
(a) He debates turning around and going back to the coast.
(b) He wonders if he had made a mistake.
(c) He questions whether he knows how to run a store.
(d) He fears he did not bring enough supplies.

4. Who is the hostess Salim meets at the party?
(a) Zabeth's sister
(b) Yvette
(c) Claudette
(d) Shoba

5. Why did the slaves on the east coast not desire freedom?
(a) They were paid wages for their work.
(b) They became part of the family that owned them.
(c) They had never known anything else.
(d) They had no place to go.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Father Huismans do almost immediately after the threat of war is over?

2. What does Salim learn about Zabeth's family?

3. Why does Zabeth have a strange odor about her person?

4. How long had two slave families been with Salim's family?

5. What does Zabeth represent to Salim?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Zabeth brings Ferdinand to see Salim.

2. Describe the reunion of Salim and Indar.

3. Describe Zabeth's son.

4. What is happening with the town shortly after Salim arrives?

5. What happens when Father Huismans is not at the lycee when Salim goes to return the book?

6. Describe Salim's family.

7. In what way is Father Huismans somewhat naive?

8. How do Salim and his friend, Indar, escape the area where their families live?

9. What makes the trip longer and more complicated?

10. Describe what made Mahesh's wooden spoon venture a failure.

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