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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has Salim's attitude about Indar changed?
(a) He used to like talking with Indar, now he avoids him.
(b) He used to like Indar, now he mistrusts him.
(c) He used to envy Indar, now he feels protective of him.
(d) He used to envy Indar's style, now he thinks Indar is tasteless.

2. What signals the end of the town's boom?
(a) The river changes course after an earthquake.
(b) Noiman, a successful Greek businessman, sells out and moves to Australia.
(c) There is a datastrophic fire.
(d) The Domain is closed.

3. What does Yvette tell Salim about Indar?
(a) That he bored her to tears
(b) That he needs someone to think for him
(c) That he plans on going to America
(d) He had become an encumbrance that became a habit.

4. Why is Salim released from detention to fly back to his home?
(a) Ferdinand comes to his rescue.
(b) His papers are all in order.
(c) The official keeping Salim has held up the flight and gets reprimanded.
(d) He will be interrogated when he gets back to the town.

5. What happens after the Youth Guard is disbanded?
(a) Police and other officials start harassing people.
(b) The Domain is closed to the public.
(c) The young men become bandits.
(d) The President's army moves in.

6. What suggestion does a guest of Raymond's make to him?
(a) That he apply for work with the UN
(b) That he go apologize to the President
(c) That he write a biography of the President
(d) That he apply for work in America

7. What happens when Salim goes to Yvette's house for lunch?
(a) Raymond meets him at the door and turns him away.
(b) Yvette's cook has quit and Yvette doesn't know how to cook.
(c) There were no other guests invited.
(d) The lunch was cancelled and she forgot to tell him.

8. What has become of Raymond and Yvette?
(a) They committed suicide.
(b) They were deported to England.
(c) No one knows where they have gone.
(d) They are in prison.

9. Who is the new owner of Salim's store and why did that happen?
(a) Ferdinand has returned and now owns the business.
(b) Metty is now the owner because Simon overstayed his exit visa.
(c) A drunk named Theotime is the new owner since foreign business has been nationalized.
(d) Zabeth has taken over the business by a legal loophole.

10. In what way is Raymond like Salim's family?
(a) They cannot be persuaded to change their ideas on anything.
(b) They never understand what is happening around them.
(c) They deny the danger around them and are unable to move before it strikes.
(d) They have no respect for the powerful.

11. Why does Salim think Yvette married the much older Raymond?
(a) She must have thought he was extraordinary.
(b) She must have had an unhappy homelife.
(c) She must have been very lonely.
(d) She must have thought he would be rich.

12. What does Raymond suggest is one of the President's greatest powers?
(a) Knowing who is real friends are
(b) Knowing when to pull back
(c) Getting rid of his opposition
(d) Looking far into the future

13. What distresses Salim every time he drives the car?
(a) He is not allowed to park anywhere.
(b) He has trouble finding petrol.
(c) He has to show his papers over and over, and they always want money.
(d) He has to pay a raod tax to the Police.

14. What is Zabeth's fear for Ferdinand?
(a) That he will be executed
(b) That he will be sent to a foreign country
(c) That he will not recover from his illness
(d) That he will turn against her

15. What does Salim notice every time he sees Yvette?
(a) She looks tired.
(b) She is never wearing the same dress.
(c) She is always with Indar.
(d) She always has a different hairstyle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "Cult of Madonna?"

2. At the steamer, what does Salim notice about Ferdinand?

3. What has happened to the European statues in the Capital city?

4. What happened to Nazruddin in Canada?

5. What does Salim worry about as he thinks of Yvette?

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