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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens after the Youth Guard is disbanded?
(a) The Domain is closed to the public.
(b) Police and other officials start harassing people.
(c) The President's army moves in.
(d) The young men become bandits.

2. What news does Salim get from Uganda?
(a) Uganda wins a United Nations recognition of excellence.
(b) Nazruddin writes that his business is flourishing.
(c) Nazruddin sends Salim a letter telling him that things are not going well.
(d) The BBC reports wide spread unrest.

3. What did one of Indar's lecturers suggest for him?
(a) That he become a diplomat
(b) That he start his own business in Africa
(c) That he take another degree
(d) That he become a public speaker

4. Where does Salim go on his first airplane flight?
(a) India
(b) Uganda
(c) London
(d) The Capital

5. How does Salim see Raymond and Yvette after reading Raymond's articles?
(a) He sees them as nomads always on the move.
(b) He sees them as having all the advantages.
(c) He sees them as trapped like he is.
(d) He sees them as incurably romantic.

6. What does Indar say his goal is now?
(a) To write the book that Raymond is incapable of writing.
(b) To go into politics and run against the President.
(c) To give the men hope, to give Africa better news about itself, and to start the true African revolution.
(d) To stay on the lecture circuit and make a fortune.

7. What group begins guided tours of the Domain?
(a) The Women's Auxiliary
(b) The Town Council
(c) The President's Docents
(d) The Youth Guard

8. What is Indar's moment of insight?
(a) He realizes he must return to his roots to be happy.
(b) He understands that he was meant to write the African story.
(c) He knows without a doubt that he belongs to himself alone and would surrender his manhood to nobody.
(d) He sees he has not marketed himself correctly.

9. What has become of Kareisha, Nazruddin's daughter whom Salim feared he might have to marry?
(a) Kareisha is married to a British man and has four children.
(b) Kareisha has left the family and moved to America.
(c) Kareisha, Nazruddin's daughter, has become a pharmacist.
(d) Kareisha has gone to India and will marry a doctor.

10. What surprises Metty when Salim comes looking for him?
(a) Metty thought Salim was in prison.
(b) Salim has many gifts for him.
(c) Metty thought Salim was too grand after flying to Europe.
(d) He did not expect Salim to return.

11. When and where does the affair between Salim and Yvette begin?
(a) The day after the lunch when Yvette comes to Salim's apartment
(b) A week later in the hotel
(c) Right after the lunch in Yvette's bedroom
(d) The night after the lunch in Salim's warehouse

12. What does Salim notice when he gets out of the country?
(a) In London, the streets are crowded and filled with stalls, booths, kiosks, and grocery stores all run by foreigners like himself.
(b) In New York, the people know nothing about Africa.
(c) In the Capital, everyone is as afraid as they are in the town.
(d) In Canada ,the people are friendly and outgoing.

13. What happens when Metty takes out the car?
(a) He is harassed for bribes and finally jailed.
(b) The car is impounded for a bribe.
(c) He is beaten for driving without a permit.
(d) His tires are slashed.

14. Where do Salim and Yvette go after the steamer gets out of sight?
(a) To the Domain
(b) To find Raymond
(c) To Salim's store
(d) To a European restaurant

15. What causes Indar to become depressed?
(a) Salim does not visit him any more.
(b) He cannot persuade Yvette to divorce Raymond.
(c) He is having to take on more classes at the Domain.
(d) His time at the Domain is coming to an end.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Salim close his shop for three hours the day after the affair begins?

2. What do Salim and Yvette enjoy at the restaurant?

3. Why was Indar turned down at the Indian High Commission?

4. After lunch, what does Salim imagine about Yvette's house?

5. What does Indar say he actually learned at the University.

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