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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the villagers do that becomes a threat to the town?
(a) They form an army and move it into the town.
(b) They begin to build bonfires that threaten to set fire to the town.
(c) They demonstrate in the streets every day.
(d) They bring their contageous people to stay in the town.

2. What does Ferdinand promise to do but does not do?
(a) Find a parttime job
(b) Apologize to Salim
(c) Help Metty close up the shop
(d) Take the book back

3. How does Ferdinand react to the army coming to town?
(a) He wants to form an opposition force.
(b) He wants to write a book about the villagers.
(c) He is fearful and wants to return to his village.
(d) He wants to join the army.

4. From where does the name Metty come?
(a) From a story about Methuselah, the oldest man
(b) From a Portuguese word meaning metal
(c) From a French word, mestise, which means of mixed race
(d) From a corruption of the English word, middle

5. Who does Salim go to see at the lycee?
(a) Father Huismans
(b) The Belgian clerk
(c) Ferdinand
(d) Raymond

6. Why did the slaves on the east coast not desire freedom?
(a) They had no place to go.
(b) They became part of the family that owned them.
(c) They had never known anything else.
(d) They were paid wages for their work.

7. Why was the wooden ice cream spoon venture foolish?
(a) The spoons were to flimsy.
(b) There was no ice cream.
(c) The finished products were too expensive.
(d) People preferred ice cream cones.

8. What is Raymond's connection to the President?
(a) He is the brother of the President's white wife.
(b) He taught the President in the university in London.
(c) He was a close friend of the Presiden't father.
(d) He tutored him when he was a boy.

9. Who is the slave that Salim's family sends to stay with him?
(a) Mahesh
(b) Indar
(c) Metty
(d) Ferdinand

10. What is Ferdinand's reaction when Salim wants him to take a book back to the lycee?
(a) He throws the book in the river.
(b) He gets angry and refuses to do it.
(c) He wants to read the book first.
(d) He says it isn't his job.

11. Why is Shoba fearful?
(a) Her brothers had vowed to throw acid in her face and kill Mahesh.
(b) Mahesh has been spending a lot of time with a woman.
(c) Mahesh may be conscripted into the army.
(d) She cannot sleep at night for fear of burglars.

12. What contraband does one boy leave at Salim's shop?
(a) A book that belongs to the lycee
(b) Gold nuggets
(c) Some carved ivory
(d) Money gotten on a black market exchange

13. Fearful of the growth of the town, what happens among the villagers?
(a) The villagers dislike the increased population but do not return to the villages.
(b) They are pushed further and further into the outskirts.
(c) They begin to fear it and talk of destroying it rises again.
(d) The villagers see an opportunity for business.

14. What confidence does Indar impart to Salim?
(a) The President is going to replace Raymond at the Domain.
(b) The Domain is about to become an officer training school for the army.
(c) The Domain is going to close for lack of funds.
(d) The President is going his own way and no longer needs Raymond's help.

15. What happens to change the relationship between Salim and Metty?
(a) Metty becomes a militant and threatens Salim.
(b) Metty gets lazy and refuses to work hard.
(c) Metty becomes a father and begins taking care of his family.
(d) Metty wants to go to the Domain but Salim refuses.

Short Answer Questions

1. What comes down the river in a dugout?

2. Who is the hostess Salim meets at the party?

3. What does Salim observe when he visits the Domain?

4. Who sold him the store he is going to run?

5. Where does Indar take Salim after dinner one evening?

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