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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Salim go to see at the lycee?
(a) The Belgian clerk
(b) Raymond
(c) Father Huismans
(d) Ferdinand

2. Who is Salim's childhood friend who is going to England to study?
(a) Metty
(b) Ferdinand
(c) Mahesh
(d) Indar

3. What does Zabeth represent to Salim?
(a) Only a chance to make money from her
(b) Back woods ignorance
(c) Inferiority
(d) Authentic Africa

4. Where does Indar take Salim after dinner one evening?
(a) To the movies
(b) To a party
(c) To his apartment in the Domain
(d) To a parade of cadets

5. What does Salim observe when he visits the Domain?
(a) There seems to be an effort to return to the old Africa.
(b) A picture of the President as big as a house.
(c) Young African men who have a big, romantic picture of the New Africa.
(d) The students all look worried.

6. Why was the wooden ice cream spoon venture foolish?
(a) The spoons were to flimsy.
(b) People preferred ice cream cones.
(c) The finished products were too expensive.
(d) There was no ice cream.

7. What comes down the river in a dugout?
(a) The mutilated body of Father Huismans with a severed head.
(b) Father Huismans arranges for a shipment of masks.
(c) Food and supplies for the lycee.
(d) Barges of rusty military equipment.

8. What does the President do at a ruined suburb?
(a) He builds a shoe factory.
(b) He builds a new barracks for his army.
(c) He levels it and makes a park.
(d) He builds a large complex.

9. What does Salim explain to Indar after the lecture?
(a) That Ferdinand does not understand the concept of a New Africa
(b) That Ferdinand is an atheist
(c) That Ferdinand likes to stir up trouble
(d) That Ferdinand's mother is a magician

10. What is the social occasion between Salim, Shoba, and Mahesh?
(a) A party
(b) A dinner
(c) A concert
(d) A church service

11. What does Salim learn about Zabeth's family?
(a) That her family was killed in the revolution
(b) That she keeps her children hidden in the jungle
(c) That she is related by blood to everyone in her village
(d) That she has a fifteen or sixteen-year-old son

12. What is Ferdinand's dilemma?
(a) He wants more security than with his parents but the town is insecure too.
(b) He wants to progress but he does not like to study.
(c) He hates Salim but his mother won't let him change guardians.
(d) He wants to live in the village but he also wants to study.

13. Who is the surprise visitor to Salim's store?
(a) The President
(b) Salim's brother
(c) Zabeth's husband
(d) Indar

14. What behavior does Ferdinand go through after coming to the lycee?
(a) He becomes an African militant.
(b) He becomes sullen and tries to run away.
(c) He decides to get close to Salim.
(d) He tries out different personalities.

15. Where has Salim come from as the story opens?
(a) India
(b) South Africa
(c) The Sudan
(d) The east coast of Africa

Short Answer Questions

1. What emotion goes through Salim now when he sees or thinks about Ferdinand?

2. Why do people like to go to the Bigburger?

3. From where does the name Metty come?

4. How does Ferdinand react to the army coming to town?

5. What is the rumor Ferdinand spreads in the town?

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