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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On his trip to the central part of Africa, who stops Salim often for money or supplies?
(a) Tribal leaders
(b) Men with guns
(c) Beggars
(d) People wanting to escape

2. Why is the Belgian clerk upset?
(a) He is sick and there is no doctor.
(b) He thinks conditions are too difficult to tolerate.
(c) He cannot find his glasses.
(d) He thinks Father Huismans is stealing from the lycee.

3. Why does the Belgium not eat the food in the lycee dining room?
(a) His stomach won't tolerate the African food.
(b) He thinks they are serving dog meat.
(c) He can only eat vegetables.
(d) He is repulsed by seeing African boys eating caterpillars.

4. What contraband does one boy leave at Salim's shop?
(a) Money gotten on a black market exchange
(b) A book that belongs to the lycee
(c) Gold nuggets
(d) Some carved ivory

5. What was wrong with Mahesh's engraving machine that makes signs?
(a) No one needed signs.
(b) The machine was too complicated for him to operate.
(c) He could not get the raw materials to make the signs.
(d) It was impossible to assemble.

6. What emotion goes through Salim now when he sees or thinks about Ferdinand?
(a) He is envious of Ferdinand's possibility of getting into positions of power and control.
(b) He is surprised that Ferdinand has not dropped out.
(c) He is proud that everyone knows he is Ferdinand's guardian.
(d) He fears Ferdinand as a force for graft and corruption.

7. How are the east coast slaves different from those taken on the west coast of Africa?
(a) The east coast slaves were much smaller people.
(b) The east coast slaves were not sent to America.
(c) The east coast slaves were not African.
(d) The east coast slaves were born into slavery.

8. What does Raymond say he is working on just before he returns to his study?
(a) A new constitution for the country
(b) The first historical narrative of Africa
(c) A biography of the President
(d) A translation of the Bible

9. Who is Salim's childhood friend who is going to England to study?
(a) Indar
(b) Metty
(c) Mahesh
(d) Ferdinand

10. Who sold him the store he is going to run?
(a) Mahesh
(b) Zabeth
(c) Nazruddin
(d) Indar

11. What ends the budding war?
(a) Jailing all the village army leaders
(b) Pay offs to the villages
(c) Mass executions
(d) Bombs dropped in the bush

12. What do the villagers do that becomes a threat to the town?
(a) They form an army and move it into the town.
(b) They bring their contageous people to stay in the town.
(c) They begin to build bonfires that threaten to set fire to the town.
(d) They demonstrate in the streets every day.

13. What begins happening to the town as the area becomes more peaceful?
(a) Villagers return and many of them stay.
(b) There is a flood and the town is all but wiped out.
(c) Villagers no longer visit the town.
(d) The townspeople begin cleaning up the town.

14. What does the President do at a ruined suburb?
(a) He builds a shoe factory.
(b) He builds a new barracks for his army.
(c) He builds a large complex.
(d) He levels it and makes a park.

15. What does Salim learn about Zabeth's family?
(a) That she keeps her children hidden in the jungle
(b) That she has a fifteen or sixteen-year-old son
(c) That she is related by blood to everyone in her village
(d) That her family was killed in the revolution

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Salim find the town when he arrives?

2. What does Father Huismans think about the future of Africa?

3. Where does Father Huismans keep his collection of African artifacts?

4. What do the townspeople speculate about the new complex?

5. What does Father Huismans do almost immediately after the threat of war is over?

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