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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Father Huismans see himself?
(a) As a chronicler of African history
(b) As the last lucky observer of the old Africa
(c) As a European who became African
(d) As a prophet of doom for Africa

2. What begins happening to the town as the area becomes more peaceful?
(a) Villagers return and many of them stay.
(b) Villagers no longer visit the town.
(c) The townspeople begin cleaning up the town.
(d) There is a flood and the town is all but wiped out.

3. Who is the hostess Salim meets at the party?
(a) Shoba
(b) Claudette
(c) Zabeth's sister
(d) Yvette

4. What does Indar mean when he tells Salim he's where it's at.
(a) Where the new revolution will start.
(b) Where these is the peace of obscurity.
(c) Where big things are happening.
(d) Where everything will come to an end.

5. What is Ferdinand's reaction when Salim wants him to take a book back to the lycee?
(a) He says it isn't his job.
(b) He gets angry and refuses to do it.
(c) He wants to read the book first.
(d) He throws the book in the river.

6. Where does Indar take Salim after dinner one evening?
(a) To his apartment in the Domain
(b) To the movies
(c) To a party
(d) To a parade of cadets

7. What does Salim learn about Zabeth's family?
(a) That she is related by blood to everyone in her village
(b) That she keeps her children hidden in the jungle
(c) That her family was killed in the revolution
(d) That she has a fifteen or sixteen-year-old son

8. After Father Huismans' death, what prediction of his comes about?
(a) The lycee falls to the ground.
(b) The river rises and flood the town.
(c) The school gets a grant from the government.
(d) The town becomes a thriving settlement.

9. What does Salim see as the contradiction in Father Huismans?
(a) He likes things African but he does not like Africans.
(b) He professes poverty but he amasses a fortune.
(c) He teaches religion but he has lost his faith.
(d) He heads a school but he hates students.

10. What request does Ferdinand make of Salim?
(a) He asks Salim to let him work in the store and quit school.
(b) He asks Salim to find him a wife.
(c) He asks Salim to send him to school in America.
(d) He asks Salim to buy him a car.

11. What is the difference between Salim and Indar as they walk to the river after the party?
(a) Indar sees the beauty of the place while Salim sees only garbage.
(b) Salim is exhilarated by the evening but Indar is edgy.
(c) Indar wants to meditate but Salim wants to talk.
(d) Salim is confused, but Indar is sure of himself.

12. How does Ferdinand react to the army coming to town?
(a) He wants to join the army.
(b) He is fearful and wants to return to his village.
(c) He wants to write a book about the villagers.
(d) He wants to form an opposition force.

13. How had Nazruddin come into possession of the store?
(a) He had started the store himself.
(b) The owner sold it cheaply after the revolution.
(c) It was willed to him by an uncle.
(d) He was able to get government support.

14. What African artifacts interest Father Huismans the most?
(a) Those made for African religious purposes
(b) Those made of ivory
(c) Those that are more modern
(d) Those that have no religious significance

15. How does Mahesh finally make it big?
(a) He finds a gold mine.
(b) He opens a Bigburger franchise.
(c) He starts a pawn shop.
(d) He takes over the lycee after Father Huismans' death.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Salim's Moslem religion differ from pure Arabian religion?

2. What does Father Huismans think about the future of Africa?

3. What was wrong with Mahesh's engraving machine that makes signs?

4. How does the President manage the war in the town and surrounding area?

5. Why is there no history of the Arabs in the country on the east coast of Africa?

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