A Bend in the River Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the situation at the beginning of the novel?

Salim describes his week long trip from the east coast of Africa to the interior at a town on a bend in the river.

2. What makes the trip longer and more complicated?

Men with guns often stop Salim and want money or supplies.

3. What is going through Salim's mind as he travels deeper into the interior?

The slaves who used to travel the same way on foot headed for the slave markets.

4. Describe Zabeth's business.

Zabeth comes by the river to buy supplies which she sells to people in her village. The things she buys are only useful items needed in the village.

5. Describe Salim's family.

They are originally from northwest India, but in Africa they are considered Arabs. Their religion is a blend of Islam and Hinduism.

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