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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the social setting so different for Salim?
(a) As an Arab Muslim, he has never attended a party with mixed sexes.
(b) People are dancing but he does not know how.
(c) He has never been to a party before.
(d) His only association with women has been in the brothels.

2. What is the habit of Mahesh that always seems to fail?
(a) He tries new "get rich quick" schemes.
(b) He attempts to nagivage the river to the ocean.
(c) He attempts to get a job teaching.
(d) He tries to go on safari.

3. Where is Father Huismans when Salim calls on him?
(a) Up on the roof, repairing some damage
(b) In the room where he keeps his collection of masks.
(c) Outside playing football with the boys
(d) On one of his trips into the bush

4. Fearful of the growth of the town, what happens among the villagers?
(a) The villagers see an opportunity for business.
(b) The villagers dislike the increased population but do not return to the villages.
(c) They are pushed further and further into the outskirts.
(d) They begin to fear it and talk of destroying it rises again.

5. What is Ferdinand's dilemma?
(a) He wants to live in the village but he also wants to study.
(b) He wants to progress but he does not like to study.
(c) He hates Salim but his mother won't let him change guardians.
(d) He wants more security than with his parents but the town is insecure too.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Salim think about who had been driven on foot along the same road he travels?

2. What does Indar say about Raymond?

3. What is the social occasion between Salim, Shoba, and Mahesh?

4. What does Ferdinand think about Huismans' museum?

5. What condition is the town in after the squatters settle?

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