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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What request does Ferdinand make of Salim?
(a) He asks Salim to find him a wife.
(b) He asks Salim to let him work in the store and quit school.
(c) He asks Salim to send him to school in America.
(d) He asks Salim to buy him a car.

2. On his trip to the central part of Africa, who stops Salim often for money or supplies?
(a) Beggars
(b) People wanting to escape
(c) Tribal leaders
(d) Men with guns

3. Who sold him the store he is going to run?
(a) Mahesh
(b) Zabeth
(c) Nazruddin
(d) Indar

4. How does Ferdinand react to the army coming to town?
(a) He wants to form an opposition force.
(b) He wants to write a book about the villagers.
(c) He wants to join the army.
(d) He is fearful and wants to return to his village.

5. Why does Salim buy the store from Nazruddin?
(a) For a chance to study
(b) To do Nazruddin a favor
(c) To break away from his family
(d) To get away from persecution

Short Answer Questions

1. Where has Salim come from as the story opens?

2. Why do people like to go to the Bigburger?

3. Why does Zabeth have a strange odor about her person?

4. What does Salim learn from listening to the BBC?

5. What does Salim think when he is shown the collection of African masks?

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