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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ferdinand's dilemma?
(a) He wants to live in the village but he also wants to study.
(b) He wants more security than with his parents but the town is insecure too.
(c) He hates Salim but his mother won't let him change guardians.
(d) He wants to progress but he does not like to study.

2. Who does Salim think about who had been driven on foot along the same road he travels?
(a) Arab settlers being forced out
(b) African slaves
(c) Captured Europeans
(d) Prisoners who built the road

3. Who are the main customers at Bigburger?
(a) Guests from the hotel which has no restaurant
(b) Travelers from the steamer
(c) Boys from the lycee
(d) The villager's army

4. Who is Salim's first customer?
(a) Zabeth
(b) Raymond
(c) Indar
(d) Mahesh

5. Why had the town been destroyed during the war?
(a) It was falling down anyway.
(b) Looting for whatever valuables could be found
(c) Resentment against Arabs, Europeans, and Indians
(d) It was on a direct path of advancing troops.

Short Answer Questions

1. On his trip to the central part of Africa, who stops Salim often for money or supplies?

2. Who is the slave that Salim's family sends to stay with him?

3. What does Salim see as the contradiction in Father Huismans?

4. Who is Salim's childhood friend who is going to England to study?

5. What begins happening to the town as the area becomes more peaceful?

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