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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What request does Ferdinand make of Salim?
(a) He asks Salim to find him a wife.
(b) He asks Salim to let him work in the store and quit school.
(c) He asks Salim to send him to school in America.
(d) He asks Salim to buy him a car.

2. Why did the slaves on the east coast not desire freedom?
(a) They had never known anything else.
(b) They became part of the family that owned them.
(c) They were paid wages for their work.
(d) They had no place to go.

3. Why does Zabeth have a strange odor about her person?
(a) She uses it to keep people away for her protection.
(b) It is a trait of her village tribe.
(c) She has been without soap until Salim reopens the shop.
(d) She runs a slaughterhouse in the village.

4. What is Ferdinand's dilemma?
(a) He hates Salim but his mother won't let him change guardians.
(b) He wants to live in the village but he also wants to study.
(c) He wants to progress but he does not like to study.
(d) He wants more security than with his parents but the town is insecure too.

5. What does Salim learn about Zabeth's family?
(a) That she keeps her children hidden in the jungle
(b) That her family was killed in the revolution
(c) That she is related by blood to everyone in her village
(d) That she has a fifteen or sixteen-year-old son

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is there no history of the Arabs in the country on the east coast of Africa?

2. Why does Salim buy the store from Nazruddin?

3. How are the east coast slaves different from those taken on the west coast of Africa?

4. How does Salim envision the young African boys?

5. What does Zabeth want Salim to do?

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