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Book 1, Chapter 1

• Salim, the narrator, describes his week long trip from the east coast to the interior of Africa.

• Salim plans to operate a store near the bend of the river.

• He finds destruction and ruin when he arrives at the store he bought sight unseen.

• He plans to wait and see if the store will make him a living.
• Zabeth is his first customer, a large copper colored woman who will become a regular shopper in Salim's store.

• She buys goods for people in a remote village.

• She knows how to get to and from Salim's store without losing her valuable cargo.

• She is protected by an offensive odor she applies to herself.

Book 1, Chapter 2

• Salim introduces what he knows of his family's mixed heritage, African and Arab.

• They live in a European community that was taken over from the Arabs.

• Now the Europeans are being forced...

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