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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dick scramble from Don's car?

2. How does Don perceive his senses as he looks around?

3. When is Don able to sleep?

4. Where did Dick and Anita stop after leaving the conference?

5. What happens to Don when he is a few steps away from entering the gate?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Don go after his first surgeries?

2. What does Don see when he first arrives in heaven?

3. What is the conference Don attended focused upon?

4. What are the first injuries Don has that they fix immediately at the hospital?

5. What happens six days after Don's accident and what are Eva's and David Gentiles' response? What do the doctors discover?

6. Why does Eva decide to limit the number of visitors Don sees a day?

7. How is Don feeling in the hospital and who tries to help him?

8. What hit Don and what happened to his car?

9. What happens to Don on a daily or basis that leaves him in pain and exhausted?

10. What happened to the people in the other cars that were hit?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What God's purpose is for Don is difficult to discern as he lies in a depressive fog confined to a hospital bed. As much as Don wants to believe that God has brought him back to earth for a reason, he struggles to find understanding.

1. Do you think Don's reaction to the accident would be considered normal? Explain your reasoning.

2. After experiencing heaven, does it seem strange that Don would be depressed and wanting understanding? Why or why not?

3. Do you believe Don has been returned to life for a reason? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Don continues to suffer from severe depression. He is battling anger, which is often unleashed on the medical staff.

1. Discuss why Don might take his anger out on the medical staff.

2. Discuss how you think you would feel in Don's position?

3. Why do you think the staff tolerates Don's anger and abuse?

Essay Topic 3

As Don describes heaven, the reader relaxes and time comes to a standstill. The reader begins to wonder about who will comprise his own heavenly welcoming committee.

1. Explain why you agree or disagree with the above statement.

2. Many people have claimed to have died and report many different scenarios. Why do you think this might be?

3. Describe what you would like to see and who you would like to see if you had been in Don's place.

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