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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Don start to do after six weeks in the hospital?
(a) Preaching over the phone.
(b) Walking the halls.
(c) Physical therapy.
(d) Meeting with church members.

2. What does Dick pray for when he puts his hand on Don?
(a) That his family will be all right.
(b) That there are no internal injuries.
(c) That he come alive immediately.
(d) That he has gone to the light.

3. Who is waiting for Don at the hospital?
(a) His wife and three children.
(b) His mother and father.
(c) His wife, Eva.
(d) His wife and his brother.

4. What does Don not experience in his near death episode that many people do?
(a) Being drawn down a tunnel towards light.
(b) Seeing his life pass before him.
(c) Seeing dead loved ones.
(d) Being greated by beings of light.

5. Why does Dick scramble from Don's car?
(a) Dick gets sick at the sight of blood.
(b) Don starts to thrash about.
(c) Don begins to sing.
(d) Don screams.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was another name for Interstate Highway 45 where Don was driving?

2. Who was driving the vehicle that hit Don?

3. How does Dick get in the car to lay hands on Don?

4. Who prays for Don's survival while he was in the car?

5. What does David Gentiles tell Don when he visits?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are Dick and Anita and what did they do as they were driving home?

2. What is the Iliazrov Frame and how is it used?

3. What hit Don and what happened to his car?

4. What do the EMTs do when they arrive at the accident site and then when they've seen all the victims?

5. What does Jay Perkins tell Don about his independent attitude?

6. What happens to Don on a daily or basis that leaves him in pain and exhausted?

7. What does Don hear as he draws closer to the gate?

8. What are the first injuries Don has that they fix immediately at the hospital?

9. What happens six days after Don's accident and what are Eva's and David Gentiles' response? What do the doctors discover?

10. How do the people around Don appear?

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