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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the road like when it crossed the lake?
(a) Rough and full of holes.
(b) Full of curves.
(c) Wide four lane.
(d) Narrow with no shoulders.

2. What happened to the driver of the vehicle that hit Don's car?
(a) He broke his leg.
(b) He was taken to the hospital.
(c) He was killed.
(d) He was given a citation.

3. What does Don finally realize he's been doing with people?
(a) Talking too much.
(b) Allowing them too much freedom around him.
(c) Shutting them out.
(d) Helping them with their problems.

4. Who was one of the first people he saw who was not a relative?
(a) His first grade teacher.
(b) A childhood friend.
(c) His old minister.
(d) His Sunday school teacher.

5. What was another name for Interstate Highway 45 where Don was driving?
(a) The Tanner Memorial Highway.
(b) The Wilderness Road.
(c) The Gulf Highway.
(d) The Lake Crossways.

Short Answer Questions

1. How soon after the truck hit Don was he in heaven?

2. Why does Dick scramble from Don's car?

3. What kind of car was Don driving?

4. What does Don remember about Joe Kulbeth when he sees him?

5. Why does Don refuse to talk to anyone about his experience in heaven?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Don hear as he draws closer to the gate?

2. What does one of the EMTs tell Dick and what does he do?

3. What is the Iliazrov Frame and how is it used?

4. Why does Eva decide to limit the number of visitors Don sees a day?

5. Who was driving the vehicle that hit Don, what was it carrying and why was that driver driving the vehicle?

6. What does Jay Perkins tell Don about his independent attitude?

7. What happened to the people in the other cars that were hit?

8. How do the people around Don appear?

9. What hit Don and what happened to his car?

10. What are some of the coincidences that occurred around Don's accident that help him survive?

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