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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Don ask his three children to do?
(a) Try out for sports.
(b) Write about how their life is affected.
(c) Be good and listen to Eva.
(d) Make all A's in school.

2. What does Don tell Chad?
(a) He should buck up and act better.
(b) He should come to church.
(c) He might not fully recover.
(d) He will be fine eventually.

3. What kinds of people does Don seem to come in contact with following his recovery?
(a) Healthy people.
(b) Those who don't believe his story.
(c) Those needing to hear his story.
(d) Religious people.

4. What is the long prognosis for Don?
(a) There is no long term prognosis.
(b) He'll die of old age.
(c) He will be fine.
(d) He will not live a long, productive life.

5. How does Don feel telling the story now?
(a) He is reluctant but willing.
(b) He still struggles with it.
(c) He is indifferent to it.
(d) He loves to tell it.

6. What is one of Don's main questions of the medical staff?
(a) When he can go home.
(b) When he can have visitors.
(c) When does physical therapy start.
(d) When the Iliazrov Frame comes off.

7. What amazes Don most about being on the television show?
(a) That they would want to hear his story.
(b) That he wore a suit for the first time since the accident.
(c) That his wife looked so good on television.
(d) That he was able to help someone due to exposure.

8. How is Don taken care of at home with Eva gone to work?
(a) The children rotate the duty.
(b) They have a day nurse.
(c) The church uses volunteers.
(d) His mother moves in with them.

9. What does Chris say he first thought about his father's injuries?
(a) He was indifferent.
(b) He thought his father would die.
(c) He denied the extent of the injuries.
(d) He didn't really know what to think.

10. When a woman is dying in the hospital her daughter plays a tape for her. What was she listening to when she died?
(a) Don's description of heaven.
(b) Don's preaching on salvation.
(c) The song, What a Friend we Have in Jesus
(d) Don talking about his recovery.

11. Who does Don choose to tell his story to secondly?
(a) Two friends.
(b) His church.
(c) His children.
(d) His pastor.

12. What does one friend ask Don?
(a) Does his wife know he didn't think of her.
(b) Will his children be afraid of him.
(c) Didn't he think he was meant to share it.
(d) Has he talked to a psychiatrist.

13. What happened to Don's mother the first time she saw him in ICU?
(a) She sobbed.
(b) She fainted.
(c) She screamed.
(d) She slipped on water and fell.

14. What does Don tell Brad about how he felt when recovering?
(a) He was indifferent to life.
(b) He was angry.
(c) He was happy to be alive.
(d) He was frustrated with the doctors' pessimism.

15. Why did Don and the youth group sit in the top of the auditorium in Houston?
(a) It was the seats on their tickets.
(b) Don wanted to get some exercise.
(c) Those seats had a good view.
(d) They get a late start.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Don finally realize about his life before the accident?

2. From where does Nicole say she gets help?

3. Who does he call who is in an Iliazrov Frame after the television show?

4. What does Dick Onerecker do about his experience with Don?

5. What kind of car did Don's son, Joe, decide to buy?

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