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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Don feel like when he wears the frame in public?
(a) Like he will never be free of it.
(b) As if his life revolves around the frame.
(c) Like people are staring.
(d) Like he is a child.

2. What happens in the morning about Don's pneumonia?
(a) It is gone.
(b) No change.
(c) It is getting better.
(d) It is worse.

3. Why did guards call for help after Don's accident?
(a) The truck was from the prison.
(b) They had the only cell phone.
(c) They were on routine patrol.
(d) There were escaped convicts.

4. What is the first thing paramedics do upon looking at Don?
(a) Pull him from the car.
(b) Give him an I.V.
(c) Declare him dead.
(d) Call his wife.

5. Why is Eva signing the papers instead of Don?
(a) He can't write with the broken arm.
(b) He would say no.
(c) He is too heavily medicated.
(d) He is asleep.

6. What happened to Dick and Anita when they returned to driving?
(a) They were one of the people hit.
(b) They got a flat tire.
(c) Nothing happened to them.
(d) They were stuck in traffic.

7. Who does Don meet who also has an Iliazrov frame?
(a) Nathan.
(b) Susan.
(c) Christy.
(d) Todd.

8. How is Don feeling emotionally as he is in the hospital?
(a) Disgusted.
(b) Resigned.
(c) Depressed.
(d) Happy.

9. Why does Don get more depressed when thinking about his friend in the frame?
(a) He feels God doesn't care about people.
(b) She/he will return to a normal life and he won't.
(c) The frame isn't helping him/her.
(d) She/he is too young for so much pain.

10. What does Eva request of the nursing staff?
(a) They set up a bigger room for him.
(b) They allow more than just family in.
(c) They limit Don's visitors.
(d) They cut off all visitors but her.

11. What happened to Don's car after it was hit?
(a) It slid half-way into the lake.
(b) It was pinned against the bridge.
(c) It slid into two other cars.
(d) It turned over in the median.

12. How does Don feel after all the care is given everyday?
(a) Much more comfortable.
(b) There's no change in how he feels.
(c) Exhausted and in pain.
(d) Grateful.

13. Why has the justice of peace been called?
(a) To pronounce Don dead.
(b) To fill out accident forms.
(c) To give a citation to the truck driver.
(d) To break up an argument.

14. Who is waiting for Don at the hospital?
(a) His wife, Eva.
(b) His mother and father.
(c) His wife and his brother.
(d) His wife and three children.

15. What kind of car was Don driving?
(a) Ford Escort.
(b) Ford mustang.
(c) Honda civic.
(d) Chrysler minivan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to the driver of the vehicle that hit Don's car?

2. What does Dick pray for when he puts his hand on Don?

3. Of what does Don become aware as he moves towards the gate?

4. What does Don believe as he thinks about the circumstances surrounding his accident?

5. What do they do everyday to the Iliazrov frame?

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