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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Eight: Pain and Adjustments and Chapter Nine: Endless Adjustments.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Don exhaust himself with his visitors?
(a) He never gets any sleep.
(b) His pastoral instincts.
(c) He can't eat while they're there.
(d) They talk too much.

2. What does the frame do for a bone?
(a) It pulls the bone apart.
(b) It holds the bone together.
(c) It is a permanent, internal brace.
(d) It helps the bone heal faster.

3. How soon after the truck hit Don was he in heaven?
(a) About a half hour.
(b) After a few minutes.
(c) Immediately.
(d) He doesn't know.

4. What is the weather like the day of Don's accident?
(a) Snow and ice had fallen.
(b) Cold and rainy.
(c) Sunny.
(d) Warm and windy.

5. What hit Don's car?
(a) An eighteen wheeler.
(b) A motorcycle.
(c) A Suburban.
(d) A large pick-up truck.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes by to see Don about his emotional health?

2. Who invented the Iliazrov frame?

3. What did the EMTs do after tending to the other victims?

4. What interferes with the hospital taking X-rays of Don?

5. Of what does Don become aware as he moves towards the gate?

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