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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Fifteen: Touching Lives.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What most surprised Eva about Don right after the accident?
(a) His anger.
(b) His longing to return to heaven.
(c) His failure to fight.
(d) His depression.

2. What do they do everyday to the Iliazrov frame?
(a) Turn the knobs a millimeter.
(b) Take it off for a break.
(c) Reverse it to the other side.
(d) Clean and sterilize it.

3. What idea had Don been considering that week?
(a) Starting a new church.
(b) Sending his son to private school.
(c) Having his elderly mother move in with them.
(d) Having another child.

4. To whom does Don first tell the entire story?
(a) David Gentiles.
(b) His church.
(c) His pastor.
(d) Eva.

5. Why does Dick scramble from Don's car?
(a) Dick gets sick at the sight of blood.
(b) Don screams.
(c) Don starts to thrash about.
(d) Don begins to sing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What miracle does Don believe God has performed on him?

2. Why does Don exhaust himself with his visitors?

3. Why can't Don get any sleep in ICU?

4. What do the doctors find out about Don's breathing tube?

5. What did Chris do when he every time he came home?

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