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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Four: From Heaven to Earth and Chapter Five: Earth to Hospital.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Physically, how did Don describe the people around him?
(a) They didn't seem solid.
(b) They were perfect.
(c) They seemed bigger and stronger.
(d) They looked like they did on earth.

2. What does Don say angel wings sound like?
(a) Clothes blowing on a clothes line.
(b) A moth in a jar.
(c) Butterflies fluttering.
(d) A flight of birds taking off.

3. What types of singing does Don hear in heaven?
(a) Chants.
(b) Mostly old hynms.
(c) All types, modern and ancient.
(d) There's no singing, just music.

4. What does Don notice about the people around him?
(a) They appear the same as when he last saw them.
(b) They are all younger than he remembered.
(c) They are older than when he last saw them.
(d) He doesn't notice anything about them.

5. What does Dick ask the EMT person?
(a) If he can help with the live victims.
(b) If he can pray for the person in the red car.
(c) If it will take long to clear the road.
(d) If he is sure the person is dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was another name for Interstate Highway 45 where Don was driving?

2. Who was one of the first people he saw who was not a relative?

3. What does Dick decide to do when they see the accident?

4. How does Don perceive his senses as he looks around?

5. What happens to Don when he is a few steps away from entering the gate?

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