90 Minutes in Heaven Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Don Piper - He is a Baptist minister living outside Houston, Texas. He is married to Eva, and the couple has three children.

Eva Piper - She is Don's wife. Her actual participatory role in the book is minimal, but she is a strong force behind the scenes.

Dick Onerecker - He and his wife, Anita, are also attendees at the Trinity Pines conference.

The People Don's Story Touches - Don's story touches many lives--so many that he could never possibly tell about them in one book.

Nicole, Christopher, and Joseph Piper - These are Don and Eva's children.

David Gentiles - He is Don's best friend. He lives in San Francisco but makes the 200 mile drive to visit Don in the ICU when Eva calls him.

Christy - She is a teenage girl who has elective surgery to fix a noticeable discrepancy in the length of...

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