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Prologue and Chapter One: The Accident

• On January 18, 1989, Don Piper dies in a car accident.

• Paramedics pronounce Piper dead at the scene and proceed to work on other victims for ninety minutes.

• Piper goes to heaven, while a Baptist preacher prays for his survival. God answers those prayers and Don returns to earth and to life.

• Don Piper attends a conference for the Baptist General Convention of Texas at Trinity Pines.

• He decides to take I-45 home instead of Hwy. 59 and he fastens his seat belt because of a ticket he received earlier that week.
• The Gulf Highway parallels and then crosses Lake Livingston. As it crosses the lake the road narrows and has no shoulders.

• An eighteen-wheel truck crosses the center line, hitting Don head on and pinning the car against the bridge railing.

• The truck strikes two other cars before coming to a stop at the...

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