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Helene Hanff
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Helene feel about the first edition that Frank sends in 1950?
(a) Disappointed.
(b) Sad.
(c) Gulity.
(d) Annoyed.

2. Helene is afraid the Easter Bunny will find that Frank has died of ____________.
(a) Greed.
(b) Gluttony.
(c) Boredom.
(d) Inertia.

3. What street in London does Helene tell Cecily she is longing to walk down?
(a) Berkeley Street.
(b) Wimpole Street.
(c) Buckingham Street.
(d) Westminster Street.

4. What does Helene send in her Christmas package to Marks & Co?
(a) A six pound ham.
(b) Six steaks.
(c) Sweaters and scarves.
(d) A dozen eggs.

5. Where does the professor teach who first got Helene interested in good literature?
(a) Cambridge.
(b) Oxford.
(c) Cornell.
(d) Harvard.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the complete name of the anthology Helene requests Frank send her in late 1950?

2. How much is Helene willing to spend on each book from Marks & Co.?

3. Cecily's letter says that Mr. Martin thinks Helene has _____________.

4. Whose diary does Helene request Frank send her to help her through the long winter evenings?

5. Where does Helene think the first edition Frank sent her in 1950 belongs?

Short Essay Questions

1. What news about his daughter, Sheila, does Frank share with Helene in 1963?

2. Why does Nora wish she and Frank owned their own bookshop?

3. What does Helene apologize about in her letter to Cecily?

4. Who gives Helene permission to print her correspondence over the years with Frank Doel?

5. What does Helene mean when she says, "From where I sit, London's a lot closer than 17th Street"?

6. What does Helene chastise Frank for in September of 1952?

7. How does Helene learn that the other employees of Mark & Co are curious about her?

8. What is the tone of Helene's reply to Maxine's letter describing Marks & Co.?

9. What does Helene explain to Frank is her reason that she doesn't care for fiction?

10. What kind of books of poems does Helene request from Marks & Co. in her March 25, 1950 letter?

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