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Helene Hanff
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What anthology does Helene request Frank send her in late 1950?
(a) Quiller-Couch.
(b) Quentin-Conch.
(c) Queendon.
(d) Cruthinson-Que.

2. When does Frank sign his first letter to Helene with his full name instead of initials?
(a) March 1950.
(b) December 1949.
(c) January 1950.
(d) November 1949.

3. Cecily's letter says that Mr. Martin thinks Helene has _____________.
(a) Mental instability.
(b) A wonderful sense of humor.
(c) A mean streak.
(d) Odd taste in literature.

4. How much meat does Helene discover the Londoners are rationed per family in 1949?
(a) Three ounces per week.
(b) Two ounces per week.
(c) One chicken per month.
(d) Two 4 ounce steaks per month.

5. Which of the following in NOT one of the bibles Marks & Co. offered Helene in place of the Bible she requested?
(a) Latin Bible.
(b) Latin New Testament.
(c) Greek New Testament.
(d) Hebrew Bible.

Short Answer Questions

1. What term does Helene hope doesn't mean the same thing in England as it does in America?

2. Why does Helene fear her library card will be revoked?

3. Helene says that from where she sits, London is a lot closer than _____________.

4. What kind of books does Helene's friend Brian buy for a living?

5. Cecily invites Helene to stay with her parents where?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Helene's request from the British booksellers decrease by 1968?

2. Why does Helene inquire about the rations in London in a letter to Marks & Co?

3. Why is Frank's passion for old books comforting to Helene?

4. Why is Sheila going to say a "jolly good prayer" for Helene?

5. What news about his daughter, Sheila, does Frank share with Helene in 1963?

6. How does Cecily describe Frank in her letter to Helene?

7. How does Helene respond when Cecily expresses concern for how much Helene spends on the care packages she sends?

8. Why is Helene so thrilled to receive Walton's Lives from Frank in 1952?

9. Why is Helene concerned that Frank may be ripping pages out of books?

10. Why does Helene lose her job as a TV script writer?

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