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Helene Hanff
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bill Humphries offer to Helene in his April 1951 letter?
(a) To send her free books.
(b) To send her anything from London.
(c) To stay with his family in London.
(d) To visit her in America.

2. What did Helene send in her Christmas 1951 package to Marks & Co. along with two boxes of eggs?
(a) Rack of lamb.
(b) Whole turkey.
(c) Tins of chocolate.
(d) Tins of tongue.

3. What does Frank finally send to Helene two years after she first requested it?
(a) Leigh Hunt.
(b) Elizabethan poems.
(c) James Joyce.
(d) Pepys' Diary.

4. Helene's friend Maxine visits London and thinks Marks & Co. is right out of __________________.
(a) Bronte.
(b) Dickens.
(c) Shakespeare.
(d) Austen.

5. What does Frank send to Helene for Christmas 1952?
(a) John Donne.
(b) Pride and Prejudice.
(c) The Book-Lovers' Anthology.
(d) Wuthering Heights.

6. What is the name of Frank and Nora's oldest daughter?
(a) Janet.
(b) Sheila.
(c) Kate.
(d) Mary.

7. How many employees are working at Marks & Co. in 1951?
(a) Seven.
(b) Ten.
(c) Four.
(d) Six.

8. How old is Bill Humphries' great-aunt who he lives with?
(a) 75.
(b) 85.
(c) 101.
(d) 92.

9. Helene apologizes on behalf of America for letting England _____________.
(a) Starve.
(b) Disappear.
(c) Freeze.
(d) Decay.

10. What does Helene send in her Easter package of 1951?
(a) Candy.
(b) Meat.
(c) Nylons.
(d) Books of poetry.

11. What does Helene request that Frank ask the other employees to vote on in October 1951?
(a) Who should visit Helene.
(b) Which books to send next.
(c) Where Helene should stay in London.
(d) Powdered eggs or fresh eggs.

12. Cruikshank, Rackham and Spy are all English ______________.
(a) Illustrators.
(b) Authors.
(c) Roads.
(d) Cities.

13. Where does Helene wish her English friends had inscribed the gift book of poetry from Marks & Co.?
(a) The back cover.
(b) A card.
(c) The flyleaf.
(d) The first page.

14. Maxine thought Marks & Co. had a ____________ smell.
(a) Unpleasant.
(b) Lovely.
(c) Foreign.
(d) Ancient.

15. What company sponsors the TV series Helene is writing for?
(a) Peter Pan Peanut Butter.
(b) Bayuk Cigars.
(c) Bazooka Bubblegum.
(d) Pall Mall Cigarettes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What impressed Helene about the gift book of poetry from Marks & Co.?

2. From what company does Helene order the packages that she sends to Marks & Co.?

3. What does Helene spill on one of the dollar bills she sends to England in November 1951?

4. What does Helene relay to Maxine that her mother is sending her?

5. What recipe does Cecily send Helene in November of 1951?

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