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Helene Hanff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters, 1953 - 1969.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much did Harper's Magazine pay Helene for an article in 1961?
(a) $40.
(b) $1000.
(c) $200.
(d) $100.

2. Whose diary does Helene request Frank send her to help her through the long winter evenings?
(a) Anne Frank's.
(b) Sam Pepys'.
(c) Cecily's.
(d) Frank's.

3. What book did Helene tell Frank she did NOT enjoy reading in her January 1956 letter?
(a) Cassell.
(b) Catullus.
(c) Cameron.
(d) Cantu.

4. What does Megan Wells hope for in her April 1951 letter to Helene?
(a) Helene will send more eggs.
(b) Helene will invite her to America.
(c) Helene will send nylons.
(d) Helene will visit England.

5. Cecily's first letter to Helene describes Frank as being ___________.
(a) Single.
(b) Stuffy.
(c) Quite nice looking.
(d) An older gentleman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank buy in the summer of 1952?

2. What does Helene send in her Coronation celebration package to Frank?

3. Whose memoirs does Frank send Helene in 1961, saying her credit is always good with Marks & Co.?

4. What company sponsors the TV series Helene is writing for?

5. Why does Helene spend her days wearing sweaters and wool slacks?

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