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Helene Hanff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters, 1951 - 1953.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What novel does Helene finally read and love?
(a) Little Women.
(b) Wuthering Heights.
(c) Pride and Prejudice.
(d) Middlemarch.

2. What does the TV producer offer Helene to write for television?
(a) $2.
(b) $200.
(c) $40.
(d) $20.

3. How does Frank sign off in most his letters to Helene?
(a) Regards.
(b) Sincerely.
(c) With highest regard.
(d) Yours faithfully.

4. What year was the Walton's Lives published that Frank sends to Helene in March 1952?
(a) 1778.
(b) 1889.
(c) 1902.
(d) 1840.

5. How much meat does Helene discover the Londoners are rationed per family in 1949?
(a) One chicken per month.
(b) Two ounces per week.
(c) Three ounces per week.
(d) Two 4 ounce steaks per month.

Short Answer Questions

1. What phrase from the Marks & Co.'s advertisement scares Helene?

2. How much is Helene willing to spend on each book from Marks & Co.?

3. Helene wonders if Frank's last name is ___________.

4. Who does Cecily tell Helene that she is going on vacation with?

5. What does Frank's wife Nora reveal she has used the tins of dried eggs to trade for?

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