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Helene Hanff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters, 1951 - 1953.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bill Humphries offer to Helene in his April 1951 letter?
(a) To send her anything from London.
(b) To visit her in America.
(c) To stay with his family in London.
(d) To send her free books.

2. Helene apologizes on behalf of America for letting England _____________.
(a) Starve.
(b) Freeze.
(c) Disappear.
(d) Decay.

3. Where does the professor teach who first got Helene interested in good literature?
(a) Cambridge.
(b) Oxford.
(c) Harvard.
(d) Cornell.

4. What does Frank send to Helene for Christmas 1952?
(a) Wuthering Heights.
(b) The Book-Lovers' Anthology.
(c) John Donne.
(d) Pride and Prejudice.

5. How much is Helene willing to spend on each book from Marks & Co.?
(a) $5.00.
(b) $50.00.
(c) $10.00.
(d) $100.00.

Short Answer Questions

1. Helene wonders if Frank's last name is ___________.

2. What dental work does Helene have to have done in the fall of 1952?

3. What is Frank's concern about the gift the booksellers sent to Helene for Christmas 1951?

4. Who helps Helene translate British pounds into American dollars?

5. What does Helene joke that she financed for her dentist in her September 1952 letter?

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