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Helene Hanff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters, 1953 - 1969.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Helene relay to Maxine that her mother is sending her?
(a) Nestle bars.
(b) Nylons.
(c) Mayonnaise.
(d) Money.

2. What is the only thing Maxine has trouble getting in London because of the rations?
(a) Meat.
(b) Bread.
(c) Nylons.
(d) Sweets.

3. What is the name of Frank and Nora's oldest daughter?
(a) Mary.
(b) Kate.
(c) Janet.
(d) Sheila.

4. Helene tells Maxine in her February 1952 letter that she may not have the __________ to visit Marks & Co. someday.
(a) Nerve.
(b) Money.
(c) Time.
(d) Desire.

5. Who does Frank report visited Marks & Co. in May 1957?
(a) Brian and Kay.
(b) Ginny and Ed.
(c) Cecily.
(d) Maxine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What term does Helene hope doesn't mean the same thing in England as it does in America?

2. Which of the following is NOT one of the things Helene wants Maxine to write her about?

3. Cecily's letter says that Mr. Martin thinks Helene has _____________.

4. What does Helene request that Frank ask the other employees to vote on in October 1951?

5. Helene gets a book of poems by ____________ for a Christmas gift in 1959?

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