Objects & Places from 3rd Degree

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San Francisco

This is where the novel takes place.

Fake Bomb

At this first crime scene, Boxer spots this item.


The first victim made a great deal of money on questionable dealings through this company.


Caitlin Lightower is left at this location.


This item offers a clue as to the Lightowers' missing nanny's identity.


This object symbolizes Michelle's innocence.


To Danko, this object represents power.

Portland, Oregon

At first, it appears that Boxer has a multi-city case, when a similar murder occurs in this location.

Sacramento , California

Boxer travels to this location to interview Danko's father.

Gulfstream Jet

This item lets Boxer know that Molinari operates at a level above her own.


This is the official cause of Bengosian's death.

Cell Phone

Malcolm uses this object to set off his bombs.


Boxer and other law enforcement officers view this place...

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