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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-8)


In Chapter 1, Lindsay Boxer witnesses an explosion at the Lightower townhouse. Discuss the scene and learn more about explosives and bombs.


1. Lindsay Boxer happens to be on the scene admiring the Lightower townhouse when it explodes and goes up in flames. Discuss the explosion. What is Boxer's first reaction? What does Boxer do while waiting for emergency services? Is it a wise move? Is it a necessary move? What would you have done in Boxer's place? How do Boxer's actions fit in with police protocol? Explain.

2. Write an essay about the most commonly used explosives in this type of case. Where does one buy explosives? How does a person learn how to use them? What is the biggest danger in handling explosives? How can the danger be prevented? Is it true that you can learn to build a bomb on the internet? Do you think...

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