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Chapters 1-8

• Reader is introduced to protagonist Lindsay Boxer and her friend, Jill.

• The friends run together.

• Lindsay sees a townhouse explode and calls it in.

• Reader meets Warren Jacobi.
• Claire learns about the explosion and leaves to check on Lindsay

• A fake bomb and mocking note are found.

• Bodies in the townhouse are identified; there is a baby missing.

Chapters 9-17

• Danko watches the scene.

• Danko is pleased to see Boxer on site and celebrates the success of the explosion.

• The Lightowers' baby is missing.

• Cindy touches base with Boxer.

• Claire learns that Charlotte Lightower was pregnant.

• Reader is introduced to Cappy, another detective.

• Boxer considers re-entering the dating world.

• The Lightowers' nanny is introduced.

• Boxer visits X/L, Lightower's business.

• Lawyer refuses access to Lightower's files.

Chapters 18-25

• Boxer tries unsuccessfully to get a subpoena.

• Michelle's place was not the right place.

• Baby is found at...

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