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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does someone yell as Lindsay gets close to the crime scene in chapter two?
(a) This ain't Mississippi.
(b) We got rights too.
(c) Always a little late to the party aren't ya.
(d) The cops are the damn problem.

2. What is the killer in the shadow of when he positions on the roof top in chapter twenty-five?
(a) An elm tree.
(b) A bilboard for anti-smoking.
(c) An old apartment building.
(d) The Bay Bridge.

3. What aspect of the photos does the killer focus on in chapter eighteen?
(a) The blood.
(b) The eyes.
(c) The hands.
(d) The lips.

4. What does Jill tell the other girls had happened about five years earlier?
(a) She thought about adopting.
(b) She considered a career change.
(c) She had a miscarriage.
(d) She had been married once before.

5. What does Mercer say he believes to be the motivation for the shooting that occurred?
(a) A vendeta against Aaron Winslow.
(b) A hate crime.
(c) A message to the city.
(d) A drug deal gone bad.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lindsay say to tell Mercer in chapter twelve when someone says that he is looking for her?

2. What does the man say that he does for a living that owns in the house in chapter twenty?

3. What had happened to Lindsay's mother?

4. What does Jacobi find in the woods behind the church?

5. What news does Lorraine give Lindsay in chapter nineteen?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the conversation that Claire and Lindsay have in chapter twenty-three.

2. Describe the scene in chapter fifteen when Lindsay meets the girls at the bar.

3. What is Lindsay's initial assessment of the crime scene in chapter two?

4. Describe the scene at the arcade in chapter eight.

5. What does Lindsay discover when she goes to the morgue to talk to Claire in chapter eleven?

6. What do Cindy and Lindsay discuss when they meet for drinks in chapter seven?

7. Describe the photos that the killer has in chapter eighteen.

8. What does Lindsay find at the building where Estelle Chipman was murdered?

9. Describe the conversation that Cindy and Aaron Winslow have in chapter twenty-two.

10. What happens in chapter one while Lindsay is playing cards at Hope Street?

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