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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lindsay say the killer used to sign the killing of Davidson in chapter thirty-five?
(a) The shot itself.
(b) The equipment left behind.
(c) She isn't sure yet.
(d) The 911 call.

2. What does the doctor say when Lindsay asks if Mercer said anything before he died?
(a) It was random items.
(b) He was DOA.
(c) He only asked for his wife and kids.
(d) It was incoherent.

3. Where does Mercer take Lindsay in chapter forty-two?
(a) To talk to an informant.
(b) To tell her he was resigning.
(c) To the house he grew up in.
(d) To meet his mother and father.

4. What does Claire suggest that Lindsay do for her father in chapter fifty-five?
(a) Take him to a ball game.
(b) Go with him to visit her mother's grave.
(c) Invite him to stay at her place.
(d) Cook him a meal.

5. When did Lindsay's dad buy the bottle of wine?
(a) When he was first made a policeman.
(b) As soon as he found out he was going to have a baby.
(c) When he got married.
(d) A year after Lindsay was born.

6. What was Lindsay's father's pet name for her when she was seven?
(a) Princess Butternut.
(b) Snickerdoodle.
(c) Buttercup.
(d) Horsefly.

7. What were they able to match from Davidson's murder scene and Mercer's murder scene?
(a) Shell casing.
(b) Hairs.
(c) Phone used to call 911.
(d) A shoe print.

8. What is Lindsay told when she arrives at the scene in chapter thirty-two?
(a) There is nothing left of Davidson's body.
(b) Davidson was lured there.
(c) They aren't sure what happened.
(d) The killer called in after killing Davidson.

9. What does the killer do in his 911 call to the police that gets Davidson to the building?
(a) Tells them where he is calling from.
(b) Starts laughing.
(c) Coughs uncontrollably.
(d) Gives a name.

10. What does Cappy do to Evans in chapter thirty-seven while asking him questions?
(a) Slams an unopened coke can down on his hand.
(b) Knocks his chair out from under him.
(c) Spits on his face.
(d) 'Accidentally' hits him in the head with a note book.

11. What does Claire say that she had to promise the other M.E. in order to calm him down in chapter twenty-nine?
(a) Parterre box seats to the symphony.
(b) A date.
(c) Her invitation to the governor's ball.
(d) Floor seats to the next Laker's game.

12. What does Cindy tell Lindsy the hero used to have that killed the Chimera?
(a) A winged horse.
(b) A magical sword.
(c) A magic ring from a cyclops.
(d) Help from Zeus.

13. What is Lindsay told that Weiscz did to get sent to Pelican Bay?
(a) Took a classroom hostage and killed the non-white children.
(b) Blew up a Grey Hound bus.
(c) Killed ten fellow inmates.
(d) Killed a black prison guard.

14. What does the killer tell Mercer in chapter forty-three before shooting him?
(a) I wanted you to see my face. I wanted you to know why you were dying.
(b) I wanted you to know your wife and children will die screaming, just like you.
(c) I wanted you to suffer. I wanted you to know how I suffered.
(d) I wanted to hear you beg, to scream, to know there was nothing you could do.

15. What was Lindsay doing when she heard the news about Mercer?
(a) Taking a bath.
(b) Getting ready to go out for the evening.
(c) Just coming back from a walk with Martha.
(d) Cooking pasta.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the sign at Pelican Bay explain as you go in?

2. What does Lindsay notice when she is driving home in chapter fifty?

3. What does Cindy read about where the name Chimera comes up?

4. What had Frank Coombs been sent to prison for?

5. What does Jacobi tell Lindsay when he calls her from the Blue Parrot?

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