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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had Frank Coombs been sent to prison for?
(a) Attempted murder.
(b) Choking and killing a black kid from the projects.
(c) Killing a black teen that had been shoplifting.
(d) Planning a mass killing spree.

2. What does Mercer buy while at Kim's shop in chapter forty-three?
(a) Strawberries.
(b) Blueberries.
(c) Tomatoes.
(d) Blackberries.

3. What does Weiscz say when Lindsay tells him that she gave him something, even if it was only for a moment?
(a) I'll say a little prayer for you.
(b) You got your money's worth.
(c) Life ain't always fair.
(d) Don't be sure you didn't get something in return.

4. What does Lindsay call Cindy when they meet in chapter fifty-seven?
(a) Heidi fleiss
(b) Frank Calabrese.
(c) Deep Throat.
(d) Stool Pigeon.

5. What does Claire suggest that Lindsay do for her father in chapter fifty-five?
(a) Take him to a ball game.
(b) Invite him to stay at her place.
(c) Cook him a meal.
(d) Go with him to visit her mother's grave.

6. What does Chimera bet the old man at the bar about the killer in chapter sixty-six?
(a) That the killer has a scar.
(b) That the killer is brilliant.
(c) That the killer is blond haired and blue eyed.
(d) That Chimera has blue eyes.

7. What does Jacobi tell Lindsay when he calls her from the Blue Parrot?
(a) There were pictures of Tasha's uncle and Estelle's husband on the wall in the Blue Parrot.
(b) The Blue Parrot shut down months ago.
(c) They have seen two different people wearing the symbol Lindsay is looking for.
(d) The guys they are looking for left months ago.

8. What does Claire say that she had to promise the other M.E. in order to calm him down in chapter twenty-nine?
(a) Her invitation to the governor's ball.
(b) Floor seats to the next Laker's game.
(c) Parterre box seats to the symphony.
(d) A date.

9. What does Cindy say about Aaron Winslow in chapter twenty-eight while talking to Lindsay?
(a) He isn't going to be able to hold the town together.
(b) She understands why the people like him so much.
(c) She could share a foxhole with him.
(d) He was like a breath of fresh air in a stale town.

10. What does Cindy tell Lindsy the hero used to have that killed the Chimera?
(a) Help from Zeus.
(b) A magical sword.
(c) A winged horse.
(d) A magic ring from a cyclops.

11. What does Charlie tell Lindsay that they did find at Davidson's murder scene?
(a) Flour.
(b) Chalk.
(c) A pair of glasses.
(d) A piece of chewing gum.

12. What is Lindsay told when she arrives at the scene in chapter thirty-two?
(a) They aren't sure what happened.
(b) The killer called in after killing Davidson.
(c) There is nothing left of Davidson's body.
(d) Davidson was lured there.

13. During Tasha's funeral what does Aaron Winslow say that the world does in the face of its worst possible dead in chapter twenty-seven?
(a) Nothing if we don't make it happen.
(b) Begins to transform.
(c) Mend itself.
(d) Breaks.

14. What does Lindsay say the killer used to sign the killing of Davidson in chapter thirty-five?
(a) The equipment left behind.
(b) The 911 call.
(c) She isn't sure yet.
(d) The shot itself.

15. What does Cappy do to Evans in chapter thirty-seven while asking him questions?
(a) Spits on his face.
(b) Knocks his chair out from under him.
(c) Slams an unopened coke can down on his hand.
(d) 'Accidentally' hits him in the head with a note book.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Cindy and Aaron Winslow find that they have in common?

2. What does Aaron Winslow say that Tasha wanted to be when she grew up at her funeral service?

3. What is Lindsay told that Weiscz did to get sent to Pelican Bay?

4. When did Lindsay's dad buy the bottle of wine?

5. What is the wild party that Davidson was going to as he describes it in chapter thirty-one?

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