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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Weiscz say when Lindsay tells him that she gave him something, even if it was only for a moment?
(a) Life ain't always fair.
(b) You got your money's worth.
(c) I'll say a little prayer for you.
(d) Don't be sure you didn't get something in return.

2. What does Charlie tell Lindsay that they did find at Davidson's murder scene?
(a) Chalk.
(b) A piece of chewing gum.
(c) Flour.
(d) A pair of glasses.

3. What is called in that gets Davidson and his partner to the building in chapter thirty-one?
(a) A robbery in progress.
(b) A domestic disturbance.
(c) Child endangerment situation.
(d) Officer in the need of assistance.

4. What does Mercer's wife say the doctor had found in Mercer's pocket?
(a) A key.
(b) A photograph.
(c) A book.
(d) A phone number.

5. What does Cindy explain gave the skin under Estelle Chipman's nails the appearance of being something other than Caucasian?
(a) Spray tan.
(b) Tattoo ink.
(c) A special kind of camouflage paint used by the army.
(d) Spray paint.

6. What does the man on the phone asks Claire in chapter sixty-seven?
(a) If she has missed him.
(b) If she remembers his voice.
(c) If she has anything in common with the first four victims.
(d) If she wants to scream out for God or her husband before she dies.

7. What does Lindsay NOT say that the Templars have been implicated in?
(a) Blackmail.
(b) Aggravated violence.
(c) Murder for hire.
(d) Weapons traffic.

8. What does the killer tell Mercer in chapter forty-three before shooting him?
(a) I wanted you to suffer. I wanted you to know how I suffered.
(b) I wanted you to know your wife and children will die screaming, just like you.
(c) I wanted to hear you beg, to scream, to know there was nothing you could do.
(d) I wanted you to see my face. I wanted you to know why you were dying.

9. What does Cappy do to Evans in chapter thirty-seven while asking him questions?
(a) Slams an unopened coke can down on his hand.
(b) 'Accidentally' hits him in the head with a note book.
(c) Spits on his face.
(d) Knocks his chair out from under him.

10. What does Cindy tell Lindsy the hero used to have that killed the Chimera?
(a) Help from Zeus.
(b) A magic ring from a cyclops.
(c) A winged horse.
(d) A magical sword.

11. What does Lindsay say she thinks is fueling the murders in chapter thirty-six?
(a) Hate.
(b) She is not sure yet.
(c) A personal vendeta.
(d) A religous motivation.

12. What is Lindsay told when she arrives at the scene in chapter thirty-two?
(a) The killer called in after killing Davidson.
(b) They aren't sure what happened.
(c) Davidson was lured there.
(d) There is nothing left of Davidson's body.

13. What does Mercer buy while at Kim's shop in chapter forty-three?
(a) Strawberries.
(b) Blueberries.
(c) Blackberries.
(d) Tomatoes.

14. What does Lindsay notice when she is driving home in chapter fifty?
(a) A white Toyota following her.
(b) There is an envelope in her car.
(c) One of her tail lights isn't working.
(d) She has lost her cell phone.

15. What was Lindsay's father's pet name for her when she was seven?
(a) Princess Butternut.
(b) Buttercup.
(c) Snickerdoodle.
(d) Horsefly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cindy say that Aaron Winslow reminds her of?

2. What does Chimera bet the old man at the bar about the killer in chapter sixty-six?

3. What does Weiscz say when Lindsay tells him she is investigating four murders?

4. Why does Evans first say that he will not talk to Lindsay in chapter thirty-seven?

5. What does Lindsay call Cindy when they meet in chapter fifty-seven?

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