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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lindsay told that Weiscz did to get sent to Pelican Bay?
(a) Killed a black prison guard.
(b) Took a classroom hostage and killed the non-white children.
(c) Killed ten fellow inmates.
(d) Blew up a Grey Hound bus.

2. What were they able to match from Davidson's murder scene and Mercer's murder scene?
(a) A shoe print.
(b) Phone used to call 911.
(c) Shell casing.
(d) Hairs.

3. What does the sign at Pelican Bay explain as you go in?
(a) That you are on your own if you are taken hostage.
(b) That the guards do not carry guns.
(c) That there is no one allowed inside without protection.
(d) That there are dogs loose on the premises.

4. What does the killer tell Mercer in chapter forty-three before shooting him?
(a) I wanted to hear you beg, to scream, to know there was nothing you could do.
(b) I wanted you to see my face. I wanted you to know why you were dying.
(c) I wanted you to suffer. I wanted you to know how I suffered.
(d) I wanted you to know your wife and children will die screaming, just like you.

5. What is called in that gets Davidson and his partner to the building in chapter thirty-one?
(a) A robbery in progress.
(b) Officer in the need of assistance.
(c) Child endangerment situation.
(d) A domestic disturbance.

6. What does Chimera bet the old man at the bar about the killer in chapter sixty-six?
(a) That the killer has a scar.
(b) That the killer is blond haired and blue eyed.
(c) That the killer is brilliant.
(d) That Chimera has blue eyes.

7. What does Mercer's wife say the doctor had found in Mercer's pocket?
(a) A key.
(b) A photograph.
(c) A phone number.
(d) A book.

8. What does Cindy read about where the name Chimera comes up?
(a) Life in Pelican Bay prison.
(b) A killing in up state New York.
(c) The name given to a group of assassins.
(d) A local gang that was erradicated by the police.

9. What does Lindsay call Cindy when they meet in chapter fifty-seven?
(a) Heidi fleiss
(b) Stool Pigeon.
(c) Deep Throat.
(d) Frank Calabrese.

10. What was Lindsay's father's pet name for her when she was seven?
(a) Buttercup.
(b) Princess Butternut.
(c) Snickerdoodle.
(d) Horsefly.

11. What does Mercer buy while at Kim's shop in chapter forty-three?
(a) Blackberries.
(b) Blueberries.
(c) Tomatoes.
(d) Strawberries.

12. What does Lindsay's father say when she tells him that her mother had always said he was a pathological liar?
(a) That it is true.
(b) That it has been said of him in the past.
(c) That lying was never one of his sins.
(d) He has changed.

13. What does the doctor say when Lindsay asks if Mercer said anything before he died?
(a) It was incoherent.
(b) It was random items.
(c) He only asked for his wife and kids.
(d) He was DOA.

14. What does Lindsay's father say when she asks if he still bets?
(a) From time to time.
(b) When funds allow it.
(c) Only in his mind.
(d) Only on the Giants.

15. What does Cindy say about Aaron Winslow in chapter twenty-eight while talking to Lindsay?
(a) He isn't going to be able to hold the town together.
(b) She understands why the people like him so much.
(c) He was like a breath of fresh air in a stale town.
(d) She could share a foxhole with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Weiscz say when Lindsay tells him she is investigating four murders?

2. What does Weiscz say when Lindsay tells him that she gave him something, even if it was only for a moment?

3. What does the killer say on the 911 tape before he hangs up?

4. What does Claire say that she had to promise the other M.E. in order to calm him down in chapter twenty-nine?

5. What does Mercer tell Lindsay in chapter forty-two that she hadn't known about Mercer?

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