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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stu first suggest that they do with the photograph that Lindsay gives him in the beginning of chapter twenty-six?
(a) Call the FBI.
(b) Ask the local gangs.
(c) Send it out over the wire.
(d) Mail it to Quantico.

2. What were they able to match from Davidson's murder scene and Mercer's murder scene?
(a) A shoe print.
(b) Phone used to call 911.
(c) Shell casing.
(d) Hairs.

3. What does Claire suggest that Lindsay do for her father in chapter fifty-five?
(a) Go with him to visit her mother's grave.
(b) Take him to a ball game.
(c) Cook him a meal.
(d) Invite him to stay at her place.

4. What is Lindsay told when she arrives at the scene in chapter thirty-two?
(a) They aren't sure what happened.
(b) Davidson was lured there.
(c) The killer called in after killing Davidson.
(d) There is nothing left of Davidson's body.

5. What does Estes answer when Lindsay asks if she can promise Weiscz anything?
(a) To sit on Santa's lap.
(b) To be able to kill as many black people as he would like.
(c) A pony.
(d) A Happy Meal.

6. What does Evans say when Lindsay asks how they can get in touch with a particular member of Evans old gang, Mac, to talk?
(a) Mac is in San Quentin.
(b) No one has seen him in months.
(c) Mac is in a wheel chair.
(d) Mac was blown up.

7. What does Evans tell Lindsay about the club when she lays down pictures in chapter thirty-eight?
(a) They have changed their name.
(b) They got taken over by another gang.
(c) Club disbanded.
(d) They were picked up by the FBI.

8. What does Cindy tell Lindsy the hero used to have that killed the Chimera?
(a) A winged horse.
(b) A magical sword.
(c) A magic ring from a cyclops.
(d) Help from Zeus.

9. What does Mercer's wife say the doctor had found in Mercer's pocket?
(a) A phone number.
(b) A photograph.
(c) A key.
(d) A book.

10. What does the killer tell Mercer in chapter forty-three before shooting him?
(a) I wanted you to suffer. I wanted you to know how I suffered.
(b) I wanted to hear you beg, to scream, to know there was nothing you could do.
(c) I wanted you to know your wife and children will die screaming, just like you.
(d) I wanted you to see my face. I wanted you to know why you were dying.

11. What does Jacobi tell Lindsay when he calls her from the Blue Parrot?
(a) They have seen two different people wearing the symbol Lindsay is looking for.
(b) The Blue Parrot shut down months ago.
(c) The guys they are looking for left months ago.
(d) There were pictures of Tasha's uncle and Estelle's husband on the wall in the Blue Parrot.

12. What does Charlie tell Lindsay that they did find at Davidson's murder scene?
(a) A piece of chewing gum.
(b) Chalk.
(c) A pair of glasses.
(d) Flour.

13. What does the man on the phone asks Claire in chapter sixty-seven?
(a) If she wants to scream out for God or her husband before she dies.
(b) If she remembers his voice.
(c) If she has anything in common with the first four victims.
(d) If she has missed him.

14. When did Lindsay's dad buy the bottle of wine?
(a) When he was first made a policeman.
(b) A year after Lindsay was born.
(c) As soon as he found out he was going to have a baby.
(d) When he got married.

15. What does Weiscz say when Lindsay tells him that she gave him something, even if it was only for a moment?
(a) Don't be sure you didn't get something in return.
(b) I'll say a little prayer for you.
(c) Life ain't always fair.
(d) You got your money's worth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lindsay say she thinks is fueling the murders in chapter thirty-six?

2. What does Mercer tell Lindsay in chapter forty-two that she hadn't known about Mercer?

3. What does Lindsay NOT say that the Templars have been implicated in?

4. During Tasha's funeral what does Aaron Winslow say that the world does in the face of its worst possible dead in chapter twenty-seven?

5. What does Lindsay call Cindy when they meet in chapter fifty-seven?

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