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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: The Blue Wall of Silence.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter eight why has the gunman chosen the arcade he is in?
(a) He is the only white guy there.
(b) It is close to where he works.
(c) He is meeting a friend there.
(d) Because of the games they offer.

2. What does Jacobi tell Lindsay when he calls her from the Blue Parrot?
(a) The guys they are looking for left months ago.
(b) They have seen two different people wearing the symbol Lindsay is looking for.
(c) There were pictures of Tasha's uncle and Estelle's husband on the wall in the Blue Parrot.
(d) The Blue Parrot shut down months ago.

3. What does Claire suggest that Lindsay do for her father in chapter fifty-five?
(a) Invite him to stay at her place.
(b) Take him to a ball game.
(c) Cook him a meal.
(d) Go with him to visit her mother's grave.

4. What does Lindsay say the killer used to sign the killing of Davidson in chapter thirty-five?
(a) The shot itself.
(b) The equipment left behind.
(c) She isn't sure yet.
(d) The 911 call.

5. What does Lindsay's father tell her at the end of chapter ninety?
(a) Coombs is Lindsay's uncle.
(b) He and Coombs had been tight friends when they were on the force.
(c) Coombs had called him when he got out of prison.
(d) He owes Coombs a big favor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What aspect of the photos does the killer focus on in chapter eighteen?

2. What does Ingrid say about her son?

3. What does the sign at Pelican Bay explain as you go in?

4. What does Evans say when Lindsay asks how they can get in touch with a particular member of Evans old gang, Mac, to talk?

5. When did Lindsay's dad buy the bottle of wine?

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