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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: The Blue Wall of Silence.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During Tasha's funeral what does Aaron Winslow say that the world does in the face of its worst possible dead in chapter twenty-seven?
(a) Breaks.
(b) Begins to transform.
(c) Mend itself.
(d) Nothing if we don't make it happen.

2. What had Frank Coombs been sent to prison for?
(a) Killing a black teen that had been shoplifting.
(b) Choking and killing a black kid from the projects.
(c) Planning a mass killing spree.
(d) Attempted murder.

3. What does the sign at Pelican Bay explain as you go in?
(a) That there are dogs loose on the premises.
(b) That the guards do not carry guns.
(c) That you are on your own if you are taken hostage.
(d) That there is no one allowed inside without protection.

4. What does Mercer tell Lindsay that she left behind when she became a Lieutenant?
(a) The right to be wrong.
(b) The ability to pass the buck.
(c) The luxury of letting someone else take the lead.
(d) The right to let her personal pain affect her work.

5. What does the man on the phone asks Claire in chapter sixty-seven?
(a) If she wants to scream out for God or her husband before she dies.
(b) If she remembers his voice.
(c) If she has anything in common with the first four victims.
(d) If she has missed him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lindsay say she thinks is fueling the murders in chapter thirty-six?

2. What does Charlie tell Lindsay that they did find at Davidson's murder scene?

3. What does Cindy explain gave the skin under Estelle Chipman's nails the appearance of being something other than Caucasian?

4. What does Rusty realize when he sees the cops cars on campus?

5. What does the killer do in his 911 call to the police that gets Davidson to the building?

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