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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: The Blue Wall of Silence.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Claire say she has when she asks if she can visit Frank Coombs in chapter eighty-three?
(a) A pair of steel toed boots.
(b) A ball bat.
(c) Some brass knuckles.
(d) A new gun.

2. What is Lindsay told when she arrives at the scene in chapter thirty-two?
(a) There is nothing left of Davidson's body.
(b) The killer called in after killing Davidson.
(c) Davidson was lured there.
(d) They aren't sure what happened.

3. What does Lindsay realize is going on when she sees the men in the house meeting with Coombs in chapter eighty-seven?
(a) A Chimera meeting.
(b) A poker game.
(c) A set up.
(d) A barbeque.

4. What had Frank Coombs been sent to prison for?
(a) Planning a mass killing spree.
(b) Attempted murder.
(c) Killing a black teen that had been shoplifting.
(d) Choking and killing a black kid from the projects.

5. What does Weiscz say when Lindsay tells him that she gave him something, even if it was only for a moment?
(a) You got your money's worth.
(b) Don't be sure you didn't get something in return.
(c) I'll say a little prayer for you.
(d) Life ain't always fair.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Evans say when Lindsay asks how they can get in touch with a particular member of Evans old gang, Mac, to talk?

2. What does the doctor say when Lindsay asks if Mercer said anything before he died?

3. What does Jill tell the other girls had happened about five years earlier?

4. What did the killer take a picture of that he is adding to his book in chapter eighteen?

5. What does Weiscz say when Lindsay tells him she is investigating four murders?

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