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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II: Justice Will Be Served.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the killer say on the 911 tape before he hangs up?
(a) You'd better hurry, before it's too late.
(b) I think there are kids in there.
(c) I'm not trying to be a hero, just want to do the right thing.
(d) Someone's about to get hurt.

2. How does Aaron Wilson explain that he knew what kind of gun it was and how many rounds it held?
(a) He is a gun enthusiast.
(b) He grew up in a bad neighborhood.
(c) He used to sell guns for a living.
(d) He was in desert storm.

3. What strikes Lindsay as odd in the end of chapter two after surveying the crime scene?
(a) That there is someone in the crowd taking pictures.
(b) That Tasha's parents are not there.
(c) That Tasha was the only one hit.
(d) That the street is one that her old partner used to live on.

4. What does Aaron Wilson say is the reason that Lindsay will receive a warm welcome when she goes to pay her respects to Tasha's family?
(a) The family appreciates everything the police are doing.
(b) Tasha's mother is a police dispatcher.
(c) Tasha's uncle is a cop.
(d) The family has been helped out by the police a lot.

5. What had happened that caused Lindsay to go to Hope Street?
(a) Her divorce.
(b) The death of her mother.
(c) The death of her partner.
(d) She killed a kid in the line of duty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the killer do in his 911 call to the police that gets Davidson to the building?

2. What does the sign say above the building that the killer goes into in Chapter twenty-five?

3. What does Mercer tell Lindsay that she left behind when she became a Lieutenant?

4. What is Lindsay's instincts telling her to do in Chapter twenty-four?

5. What file catches Lindsay's eye in Chapter twenty-four?

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