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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II: Justice Will Be Served.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Claire say about the bullets that went in Tasha?
(a) They were both ricochets.
(b) They hit her after she was on the ground.
(c) They went in almost the same hole.
(d) They came from two different guns.

2. What happened to Lindsay's father?
(a) She never knew her father.
(b) He left town when she was younger and never came back.
(c) He died in the line of duty.
(d) He divorced Lindsay's mother for another woman.

3. What does Lindsay tell the girls in chapter fifteen when they ask if the murders are hate crimes?
(a) She doesn't think that hate has anything to do with it.
(b) She thinks they are using the hate crimes as a smoke screen.
(c) She isn't even thinking about motive yet.
(d) She believes they are hate crimes but just not sure what kind.

4. What file catches Lindsay's eye in chapter twenty-four?
(a) The Poughs.
(b) The Templars.
(c) The Fifes.
(d) The Americans for Constitutional Action.

5. During Tasha's funeral what does Aaron Winslow say that the world does in the face of its worst possible dead in chapter twenty-seven?
(a) Mend itself.
(b) Begins to transform.
(c) Nothing if we don't make it happen.
(d) Breaks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cindy say she has come to the church for in chapter twenty-two?

2. Where is Aaron Winslow leaving from when he hears the gun fire in the prologue?

3. What does Jacobi answer when Lindsay asks if anyone saw the gunman in chapter two?

4. What does the man say that he does for a living that owns in the house in chapter twenty?

5. What is the woman wearing when she answers the door in chapter twenty?

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