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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Prologue and Part I: The Women's Murder Club - Again.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lindsay say that the killer would have to have been to set up the shots that killed Tasha?
(a) A lucky shot.
(b) A magician.
(c) Superman.
(d) A sharpshooter.

2. What does the M.E. tell Lindsay when she says it is amazing that one of the bullets found its way into Tasha when there had been so many fired at the church?
(a) That the bullets in Tasha were different from the others.
(b) That Tasha had been shot from a different angle.
(c) There were two bullets in Tasha.
(d) That there is another victim that they have found.

3. What does the killer say everyone will know his name is by the next day in chapter twenty-five?
(a) Chimera
(b) Argus
(c) Medusa.
(d) Hyrdra.

4. What is found during the autopsy of the elderly black woman that leads Cindy to believe the woman did not commit suicide?
(a) Poison in her system.
(b) Bruises down her back in the shape of shoes.
(c) A head wound.
(d) Blood and skin under her fingernails.

5. What does Lindsay tell Cindy that she would like to do just once when they meet in chapter seven?
(a) Be able to walk away when it gets too rough.
(b) Not have to see the faces in her dreams.
(c) Brush one of the kids off and send them home.
(d) Have someone come forward and tell her they did it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the killer notice when he enters the lobby of the building?

2. Why does Lindsay have the urge to touch Tasha's face when she is in the morgue looking at the body in chapter eleven?

3. What does Jacobi find in the woods behind the church?

4. What is the killer wearing in chapter twenty-five?

5. What does Claire say about Teitleman?

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