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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: The Blue Wall of Silence.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Cindy and Aaron Winslow find that they have in common?
(a) They both have pets.
(b) They both come from large families.
(c) They are both divorced.
(d) They both like jazz.

2. What does Evans say when Lindsay asks how they can get in touch with a particular member of Evans old gang, Mac, to talk?
(a) Mac is in a wheel chair.
(b) No one has seen him in months.
(c) Mac is in San Quentin.
(d) Mac was blown up.

3. What is called in that gets Davidson and his partner to the building in chapter thirty-one?
(a) Child endangerment situation.
(b) Officer in the need of assistance.
(c) A domestic disturbance.
(d) A robbery in progress.

4. What does the chief tell Lindsay when he pulls her into his office in the last chapter?
(a) There was one bullet in Frank Coombs' body that didn't match any officer's gun.
(b) He is making her go on vacation.
(c) He is telling her to get everything ready for a press release.
(d) He tells her they are giving her a raise.

5. What file does Jill ask her secretary to get for her after going over Coombs' case file?
(a) Kenneth Charles'.
(b) Mercer's.
(c) Officer Chipman's.
(d) Marty Boxer's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the killer take a picture of that he is adding to his book in chapter eighteen?

2. What does Lindsay find in the manila envelope in Coombs' room?

3. What does the M.E. tell Lindsay when she says it is amazing that one of the bullets found its way into Tasha when there had been so many fired at the church?

4. What does Lindsay see in the pictures that she is looking at in chapter twenty-four?

5. What does someone yell as Lindsay gets close to the crime scene in chapter two?

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