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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: The Blue Wall of Silence.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lindsay find at Estelle Chipman's crime scene in chapter thirteen?
(a) A bulletin from Aaron Winslow's church.
(b) A two headed lion drawn on the floor.
(c) A picture of Tasha.
(d) A shell casing.

2. What does Claire say about the bullets that went in Tasha?
(a) They were both ricochets.
(b) They hit her after she was on the ground.
(c) They went in almost the same hole.
(d) They came from two different guns.

3. What file does Lindsay ask Simone to pull for the next day in chapter twenty-four?
(a) Tasha's uncles.
(b) Aaron Winslow's.
(c) Jacobi's.
(d) Mr. Chipman's.

4. What does Lindsay's father say when she tells him that her mother had always said he was a pathological liar?
(a) That it has been said of him in the past.
(b) That it is true.
(c) He has changed.
(d) That lying was never one of his sins.

5. What does Lorraine tell Lindsay in chapter thirty-six?
(a) The killer is on the line.
(b) They found one of the bikers.
(c) There was some information found at Davidson's murder scene.
(d) They have another eye witness to bring in.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cindy say she has come to the church for in chapter twenty-two?

2. What strikes Lindsay as odd in the end of chapter two after surveying the crime scene?

3. What had Frank Coombs been sent to prison for?

4. What does Lindsay find in Coombs' possessions that she had over looked before?

5. What did the killer take a picture of that he is adding to his book in chapter eighteen?

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