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Greg Iles
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Short Answer Questions

1. It's learned that Hickey's mother died from what medical condition?

2. Ferris reluctantly agrees to call the FBI under what condition?

3. While at the airport what does Hickey steal?

4. How does Will try to communicate his knowledge of Hickey to Karen?

5. How does Cheryl feel after Will informs her that her past life was very much like prostitution?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 20, Hickey finally explains his final plan to Karen. Describe Hickey's plan.

2. The McDill's recognize whose mugshot in Chapter 12? What does this information prove?

3. What does Will come to realize is different in his daughter's kidnapping versus the other past kidnappings in Chapter 14?

4. Explain who Stephanie Morgan is and her role in Chapter 15.

5. At the end of Chapter 14, what causes the reader to begin to question Abby's safety?

6. Explain Will's plan to land the plane, as depicted in Chapter 20.

7. Describe what actions Will suggests the FBI take in order to locate Abby in Chapter 15.

8. Explain how Will finally receives Cheryl's help in Chapter 18?

9. Describe what Hickey's plans involve after the kidnapping, as described in Chapter 15.

10. Describe how Hickey's actions toward Stephanie Morgan in Chapter 15 reminds the reader about Hickey's personality.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe what the term external conflict means and how external conflict was important to the book.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the use of technology throughout the book and how it helps the characters throughout the kidnapping. Give at least five different scenarios where modern-day technology is used to find Abby during the kidnapping.

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 10, Karen and Abby seem to have gained control over the situation with Huey and Hickey. Abby finds Huey's cell phone and is able to contact Karen, and Karen is able to be forceful enough over Hickey to get him to do what he asks. However, this soon changes. Describe in detail what happens to both Abby and Karen to make them lose this power.

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