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Greg Iles
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Karen grabs the wheel of Hickey's car in order to cause what result as Will is trying to rescue his family?
(a) To hit the plane.
(b) To cause an accident.
(c) To run off the road.
(d) Stop Hickey from driving so quickly.

2. Who shows up at the Jennings's home before Karen and Hickey are able to leave for the accountant's office?
(a) Mrs. McDill.
(b) Dr. McDill.
(c) A FBI agent.
(d) Stephanie Morgan.

3. Huey calls Hickey from the cabin and tells him that he heard what outside?
(a) Gun shots.
(b) Search canines.
(c) A helicopter.
(d) Police Sirens.

4. Abby is beginning to become ill because she ate what substance that Huey allowed her have?
(a) Several bowls of Captain Crunch cereal.
(b) Peanuts.
(c) A whole box of cookies.
(d) Cake.

5. After Abby is discovered by Huey after she ran away, where is she taken?
(a) To the cabin.
(b) To the hotel where Will is staying.
(c) Back home.
(d) To the police station.

6. What does Huey leave behind in the cabin?
(a) His wallet.
(b) The ransom money.
(c) Abby.
(d) His cell phone.

7. Whose car is Cheryl able to recognize while she and Will are flying Will's plane?
(a) Huey's Rambler.
(b) The McDill's family mini-van.
(c) Karen's car.
(d) Hickey's pick-up truck.

8. Hickey is convinced that who called the FBI?
(a) An airport security guard.
(b) Will.
(c) Cheryl.
(d) The accountant.

9. Who does the FBI look for quietly at Beau Rivage to receive proof that the crime is really happening again?
(a) Hickey.
(b) Huey.
(c) Abby.
(d) Cheryl.

10. What fact shows how little trust Hickey has in his wife?
(a) She talks badly about her husband.
(b) She knows very little information about Hickey's plan for revenge.
(c) Hickey has plans to kill her after he kills Abby.
(d) Hickey lied to her about the amount of ransom money.

11. After Huey talks to Hickey, while at the airport Karen knows she must get to Abby to do what?
(a) Give her clean clothes.
(b) Give her the proper medication.
(c) Bring her to the hospital.
(d) Get her away from Huey.

12. Ferris reluctantly agrees to call the FBI under what condition?
(a) If Cheryl gives Will more information.
(b) If Abby calls Karen again.
(c) If they can find Hickey.
(d) If they find the cabin.

13. What is Will's reasoning as to why the FBI are following Hickey?
(a) Will admitts contacting the FBI.
(b) The McDills going to the FBI.
(c) Karen went to the FBI.
(d) The FBI were following a gut-feeling.

14. What information is Will able to discover from the plane's radio while he is trying to locate Abby?
(a) What type of car Huey is driving.
(b) Where Abby is located.
(c) What direction Hickey is heading.
(d) What type of car Hickey is drving.

15. At the police station, who does Dr. McDill recognize in a photo?
(a) Cheryl.
(b) Huey.
(c) Hickey.
(d) Will.

Short Answer Questions

1. What breakfast food does Hickey force Karen to make after Karen learns the truth about why her family was targeted for the kidnapping?

2. Even though Ferris still is not able to locate the cell phone signal, what is the next action he wants to take?

3. How many more kidnappings does Hickey plan to perform after his current one?

4. Where does Cheryl tell Will that Abby is when they are able to speak on the phone?

5. Cheryl insists on returning to the burning plane in order to ____.

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