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Greg Iles
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Will and Cheryl's plane departure delayed?
(a) There is a terrible thunder-storm.
(b) The military is running drills.
(c) There is traffic-jam on the way to the airport.
(d) They miss their original flight.

2. When Hickey asks Will if he contacted the FBI, how does Will respond?
(a) He does not answer.
(b) He denies it.
(c) He confesses.
(d) He hangs up the phone.

3. Instead of shooting Abby, who does Hickey accidentally shoot?
(a) Karen again.
(b) Cheryl.
(c) Special Agent Chalmers.
(d) Will.

4. Who does Will meet at the manager's office at the bank?
(a) Huey.
(b) Dr. McDill.
(c) Special Agent Chalmers.
(d) Margaret McDill.

5. It's learned that Hickey's mother died from what medical condition?
(a) A heart attack.
(b) In a car accident.
(c) Breast Cancer.
(d) A blood clot.

6. How many more kidnappings does Hickey plan to perform after his current one?
(a) 1 each year until he is caught.
(b) 5 more.
(c) None.
(d) 1 until he receives enough money to move to his ranch.

7. What will be the worst result of Cheryl's possible non-recovery from Will's forceful actions?
(a) The money could be transferred.
(b) Karen would die.
(c) Abby would die.
(d) The FBI will go after Will.

8. Where do Karen and Hickey get dressed to go in the morning after the kidnapping occurs?
(a) To the cabin where Abby and Huey are.
(b) The accountant's office to approve the money transfer.
(c) To the airport to meet Will and Cheryl.
(d) To the local police station to report the kidnapping.

9. What information is Will able to discover from the plane's radio while he is trying to locate Abby?
(a) What type of car Huey is driving.
(b) What direction Hickey is heading.
(c) Where Abby is located.
(d) What type of car Hickey is drving.

10. How much money does Will try to give to Cheryl in a last attempt to receive her help?
(a) $1,000,000.
(b) $200.000.
(c) $350,000.
(d) $500.000.

11. Karen is asked to go to the Coliseum to deal with what problem?
(a) Karen's car was found there in the parking lot.
(b) Abby was found there.
(c) Pigs were left inside.
(d) Cows were left inside.

12. When Hickey calls Cheryl, after she gave all known information to Will, what is Cheryl's next response?
(a) She tells him to go ahead and kill Abby.
(b) She convinces him that everything is normal.
(c) She tells him Will raped her.
(d) She tells him that Will is hurting her.

13. When Hickey calls 911, what information does he learn?
(a) The police have already rescued Abby.
(b) The police do not believe his story.
(c) Someone else has already called 911.
(d) He is not able to call 911.

14. As Hickey is pulling into the airport, Hickey calls Huey, and Huey reports what information about Abby?
(a) Abby has been talking to Will on the cell phone.
(b) Abby is dead.
(c) Abby has been in the bathroom a lot.
(d) Abby has ran away.

15. As a last resort, what does Will do to get Cheryl to talk about Hickey's plan?
(a) He forces her to talk while at gunpoint.
(b) He threatens to murder her after Abby is returned.
(c) He ties her up and drugs her.
(d) He sleeps with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Huey calls Hickey from the cabin and tells him that he heard what outside?

2. Where does Will land the plane once he discovers Abby?

3. In Hickey's scheme, what information does Cheryl confess to Will is different this time from all the other kidnappings?

4. When Will finally takes off what does the FBI warn Will about?

5. Who sees the plane land and knows instantly that it is Will?

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