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Greg Iles
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 19-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cheryl offer to Will to help him relax while in the hotel room?
(a) To give him drugs.
(b) To have sex with him.
(c) To let him go to the bar and get a drink.
(d) To let him go home.

2. When Huey eventually finds Abby, what does he do to her?
(a) He threathens to hurt her.
(b) Takes the cell phone away from her.
(c) Kills her mother.
(d) Ties her up and puts her in the basement.

3. What does Karen continue to think about as she is dancing for Hickey?
(a) Her suffering love life with Will.
(b) Her husband's medical conference.
(c) Her daughter's health.
(d) The ransom money.

4. What does Will have to take with him as he leaves the bank?
(a) Special Agent Chalmer's gun.
(b) A fake ID.
(c) The ransom money.
(d) The GPS tracker.

5. What is discovered about Hickey's childhood?
(a) His mother was an alcoholic.
(b) He was kidnapped as a child.
(c) His father was a doctor.
(d) He came from an abusive home.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dr. McDill and his wife discuss their kidnapping story with whom?

2. What game does Abby convince Huey to play with her while in the cabin?

3. When Hickey finally reveals what his final plan is, what does it include?

4. Where does Will land the plane once he discovers Abby?

5. What did Cheryl and Hickey do to the past men in Cheryl's life?

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