Objects & Places from 24 Hours

Greg Iles
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Karen finds this object in her bathroom while trying to find a way to keep Hickey from raping her.

Cell Phone

All three of the kidnappers have this object in order to keep in touch with one another at all times.


This object is used by Cheryl in order to enlist her help in rescuing Abby and Karen from Hickey.


This object is essential to Abby Jennings to keep her alive.

Succinylcholine or Anectine

This is a drug that causes immediate paralyzing effects on the muscles, including the diaphragm.


This is a drug Will developed that counteracts the effects of another drug used during emergency surgery and is used to return full function to the patient.


Will takes this drug to treat his crippling arthritis.

Sequential Compression Device or SCD

This object should have been used during surgery on Hickey's mother but was...

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