24 Hours Character Descriptions

Greg Iles
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Dr. Will Jennings

This married character is an anesthesiologist who has just developed a new drug that could make millions of dollars.

Karen Jennings

This character was once a nurse but quit to attend medical school and then subsequently quit school to raise a child.

Abby Jennings

This young character has been diagnosed with Type 1, or juvenile, diabetes and has to carefully monitor her blood sugar and diet to keep the disease from getting out of control and causing coma or death.

Joe Hickey

This character is a small time criminal who used his intelligence to design a kidnapping plan that is nearly foolproof.

Cheryl Lynn Tilly

This character was once a highly successful stripper, but a significant other became jealous, and this character was forced to quit.

Huey Cotton

This large but very gentle character has a small time criminal for a cousin.

Dr. James and Margaret McDill

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