22 Britannia Road Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Amanda Hodgkinson
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• Pages 1-28

• "Spring 1946: To England" introduces Silvana Nowak and Aurek who are headed to England to meet Janusz, Silvana's husband.

• Silvana and Janusz last saw each other six years before.

• Silvana still has nightmares of the war, but has hope for her family's future.
• "22 Britannia Road" introduces Janusz, who purchases a home for his family that shows few effects of the war in the hope that it will bring good luck for his family.

• Janusz has been in England for several years and has learned British ways.

• Janusz purchased the home after a Red Cross officer finds Silvana and Aurek alive in a refugee camp.

• Poland is a communist nation and now, Britian is home.

• Janusz tries to forget Helene, a French woman he fell in love with.

• Janusz prepares for Silvana and Aurek's arrival, but is shocked to meet Silvana whose hair has greyed and...

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