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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Vivien Leigh's last motion picture?

2. Willis was upset because the diamonds were gone forever, but about what did he not know?

3. What is the nickname of the shuttle?

4. What caused the seas on Europa not to freeze solid?

5. What killed the monster?

Short Essay Questions

1. The Galaxy eventually ends up where?

2. What time-honored tradition was upheld daily on the Universe at 1800 every evening?

3. After the rescue, how did Rolf van der Berg fair professionally and financially?

4. What signs of life did Van der Berg observe on the Europan surface?

5. Describe the sea monster that ate Rosie's body.

6. How much time did refueling on Haley's comet save the Universe?

7. What was the order that Captain Laplace received from Head Office?

8. George and Jerry discovered what about Shaka?

9. Define perturbation theory.

10. In the year 3010, what happens?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

If you had been a character in the book which ship would you have rather been on? Explain your answer. What are the differences between the ships? What was the author trying to indicate by these differences?

Essay Topic 2

Part 1) There are many different moments of foreshadowing in the story. Choose one that you feel is the biggest moment of foreshadowing to write about.

Part 2) List a moment that could have been foreshadowing but wasn't and explain to what it could have logically pointed.

Essay Topic 3

Part 1) Why isn't there more information found on the Shaka group?

Part 2) How would the story have been different if there had been more information imparted to the reader about this organization?

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