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Short Answer Questions

1. Why did van der Berg stop Floyd from picking up the Europan dirt?

2. How many days did it take for the cabin to begin to smell bad on the shuttle?

3. What is Dr. Heywood Floyd's new nickname?

4. With whom did Chris Floyd get into contact while awaiting rescue?

5. What happened when the doctor put out the body through the refuse door?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Yva Merlin spent her exiled time on the Universe?

2. As the Bill Tee flies over the monolith, describe what the occupants see?

3. The Galaxy eventually ends up where?

4. What time-honored tradition was upheld daily on the Universe at 1800 every evening?

5. In the year 3010, what happens?

6. What message did Van der Berg send to Earth?

7. Define perturbation theory.

8. How much time did refueling on Haley's comet save the Universe?

9. What was the Universe's schedule upon approaching Europa?

10. What was the order that Captain Laplace received from Head Office?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The subject of space exploration has been of interest to people for many years.

Part 1) What about this book seemed obtainable for humans within the next 100 years or so? Explain.

Part 2) What about the book seems clearly unrealistic and pure fantasy? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Part 1) How far fetched does the thought that the center of the planet's moons are made of diamonds?

Part 2) What would have been a more believable explanation?

Essay Topic 3

Part 1) Speculate on why the author chooses not to reveal the intelligent creatures on Europa.

Part 2) Is it possible that these creatures communicate with the monolith and its trinity? Explain.

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