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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the only living man to have witnessed the birth of a new sun and solar system?
(a) Captain Smith.
(b) Captain Laplace.
(c) Dr. Heywood Floyd.
(d) Victor Willis.

2. What is Dr. Heywood Floyd's new nickname?
(a) Heywood Suicide.
(b) Matey Floyd.
(c) Suicide Floyd.
(d) Captain Floyd.

3. What did Floyd, Van der Berg, and Chang request of Captain Laplace?
(a) To go exploring the sea caves.
(b) To go to Mount Zeus.
(c) To go out to sea.
(d) To go home.

4. What could be exposed on Europa but not anywhere else in the Solar System?
(a) Shoes.
(b) Bare skin.
(c) Hair.
(d) Civilian clothes.

5. The Universe took a shortcut around where?
(a) Venus.
(b) Lucifer.
(c) Mars.
(d) The Sun.

6. The Universe will rescue what ship first?.
(a) The Tsung.
(b) Bill Tee.
(c) The Leonov.
(d) The Galaxy.

7. What did Floyd do while at the Great Wall?
(a) Land the shuttle.
(b) Take a video of the creatures there.
(c) Take still photos of the weather.
(d) Tour the inside of an igloo.

8. What did the officer on watch observe one morning in this chapter?
(a) A dead cow floating in the sea.
(b) A seagull.
(c) Floating green material that the ship could not penetrate.
(d) A periscope emerge from the sea with a blue eye.

9. How did Europa start out?
(a) A flat piece of ice.
(b) Clay debris.
(c) Rocky refuse.
(d) A hilly cavern.

10. By what is the value of diamonds controlled?
(a) The quality.
(b) The demand.
(c) The dealers and the producers.
(d) The weight.

11. What was the title of Ross' paper in 1981?
(a) The ice layers of Uranus and Venus--Diamonds in the Sky.
(b) How diamonds are made.
(c) How to make diamonds.
(d) Diamonds in the Sky and in the ground.

12. "History never repeats itself-but historical situations recur" is a quote by whom?
(a) Dr. Heywood Floyd.
(b) Victor Willis.
(c) William Tsung.
(d) Margaret M'Bala.

13. How fast was the Universe traveling?
(a) Half as fast as any human being since the beginning of time.
(b) Not as fast as the voyage to the comet.
(c) Slower than the ship that went to Europa.
(d) Twice as fast as any human being since the beginning of time.

14. Who was enjoying herself /himself on Ganymede?
(a) Yva Merlin.
(b) Maggie M'Bala.
(c) Victor Willis.
(d) Mihailovich.

15. How does Chang removed the shuttle from the Universe?
(a) Pushed it out of the cargo hold.
(b) Picked it up out of the ship with a crane.
(c) Rolled it out of the ship.
(d) Flew it out of the ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. When interviewed, Captain Smith was questioned about what?

2. Drifting at sea, the Galaxy runs into what?

3. What appearance did the black monolith have?

4. With whom did Chris Floyd get into contact while awaiting rescue?

5. Who flew the shuttle on the Mount Zeus mission?

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