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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dr Greenberg asked for what after the announcement was made?
(a) A new hairnet.
(b) To go back to the space hospital.
(c) A diving board.
(d) A pair of flip flops.

2. Who kept his stateroom tidy?
(a) A virtual girl.
(b) A steward.
(c) A robotic maid.
(d) A tiny slave.

3. What did Dr.Chant observe that he reported to no one, except for with a sealed note?
(a) Ice and snow in the cavern.
(b) A human-like shoe print.
(c) A mysterious glow in the dark cavern.
(d) A snakelike monster in the cave.

4. When Dr. Chant explores the center of the comet, what was a layer of mineral he saw?
(a) Iron pyrite.
(b) Nickel.
(c) Quartz crystal.
(d) Lava rock formations.

5. What was Sebastian?
(a) A dog.
(b) A valet.
(c) A parrot.
(d) A cat.

6. Where did Rosie want Mr.Chang to land the ship?
(a) Venus.
(b) Mars.
(c) Mercury.
(d) Europa.

7. In space travel, what fueled the spaceships?
(a) Gasoline.
(b) Corn.
(c) Jetfuel.
(d) Water.

8. Uncle Paul searched for evidence and found it in what publication?
(a) 1981 issue of Nature.
(b) 1982 issue of Space.
(c) 2011 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.
(d) 2009 issue of Vogue.

9. What is Old Faithful?
(a) A large space pod shuttle.
(b) The largest geyser on the dayside of the comet.
(c) A large spacesuit built especially for Captain Smith.
(d) A large mountain on the surface of the comet.

10. What did Second Officer Chang explain to Steward Third Class Rosie McCullen?
(a) What time to make the coffee.
(b) How the penetrometer.
(c) How to clean the stateroom.
(d) How the ship runs.

11. Who coined the phrase "Gravity is the bringer of old age"?
(a) Lawrence Tsung.
(b) Katerina Rudenko.
(c) Oleg Glazunov.
(d) Heywood Floyd.

12. What did the article refer to in its title?
(a) The War of 1812.
(b) The Carr's song "In Space."
(c) The Beatle's song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."
(d) The Beatle's song "Yellow Submarine."

13. What was Rolf van der Berg's job?
(a) To survey the land on Europa.
(b) To survey and catalog the natural resources of Lucifer.
(c) To survey and catalog the natural resources of Ganymede.
(d) To catalog the life on Europa.

14. Who would be chartering the reconnaissance mission granted by the Planetary Science Foundation?
(a) Captain Lucifer.
(b) Rolf van der Berg.
(c) Captain Jovian.
(d) Captain Eric Laplace.

15. What is the gravity on Haley's Comet?
(a) About a tenth of Earth's.
(b) About a thousandth of Earth's.
(c) About a hundredth's of Earth's.
(d) Twice that of the Moon's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who fainted after the bridge doors opened?

2. Mr. Chang attempted to land on what at first?

3. Where did Sir Lawrence viewed a program about space exploration?

4. Where did the captain ask the passengers of the Universe stay during rendezvous and touchdown?

5. Dr Floyd's return to Earth after his bone-breaking accident and following stay at the Space Hospital resulted in what?

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