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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did the Galaxy finally land?
(a) Europa's central sea.
(b) Europa's canyon.
(c) Europa's forest floor.
(d) Europa's jungle.

2. What is Old Faithful?
(a) A large spacesuit built especially for Captain Smith.
(b) A large space pod shuttle.
(c) The largest geyser on the dayside of the comet.
(d) A large mountain on the surface of the comet.

3. In 2060, who was the first Planetary President?
(a) Edward VIII.
(b) Edward VI.
(c) Frederico III.
(d) Charles X.

4. Dr. Chant was the group's speleologist, what was his profession?
(a) A professional cave explorer.
(b) A professional rock climber.
(c) A professional stunt man.
(d) A professional guide.

5. With full thrust carrying the ship to the orbit of Europa, why was moving around in the ship hard?
(a) Gravity disappered.
(b) The ride was rocky.
(c) Gravity returned.
(d) It was the middle of the night.

6. What is the name of the spaceship Dr Floyd will use on his voyage to Haley's Comet?
(a) Universe.
(b) Discovery.
(c) Tsien.
(d) The Main Stay.

7. What warning was sent back from the spaceship Discovery?
(a) Attempt no landing on Europa.
(b) Attempt no landing on Earth.
(c) Attempt no landing on Saturn.
(d) Attempt no landing on Mars.

8. What is the name of the mountain on Europa?
(a) Mount Magazine.
(b) Mount Zeus.
(c) Mount Chang.
(d) Mount Pleasant.

9. Where did Rosie want Mr.Chang to land the ship?
(a) Mercury.
(b) Europa.
(c) Venus.
(d) Mars.

10. How did Van der Berg send his request for help to his uncle?
(a) Through space imaging.
(b) Encrypted in a language few know anymore.
(c) By typing it into his cell phone.
(d) Via paper airplanes.

11. Who would be chartering the reconnaissance mission granted by the Planetary Science Foundation?
(a) Captain Lucifer.
(b) Captain Jovian.
(c) Captain Eric Laplace.
(d) Rolf van der Berg.

12. How old is Dr.Heywood Floyd?
(a) 103 years old.
(b) 56 years old.
(c) 65 years old.
(d) 70 years old.

13. Who was the captain of the Universe?
(a) Captain Smith.
(b) Captain Beasley.
(c) Captain Cook.
(d) Captain Starr.

14. Where did Sir Lawrence viewed a program about space exploration?
(a) New York.
(b) Hong Kong.
(c) Europa.
(d) China.

15. In order to go to the comet's surface what did Victor Willis have to do ?
(a) Comb his hair.
(b) Put in earplugs.
(c) Shave off his beard.
(d) Cut his hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the next journey for Dr Heywood Floyd?

2. What was one of the principle tourist attractions on Haley's Comet?

3. Where did the captain ask the passengers of the Universe stay during rendezvous and touchdown?

4. Who fainted after the bridge doors opened?

5. For what was Shaka named?

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