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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 57, Interlude on Ganymede | VIII. The Kingdom of Sulfur, Chapter 58, Fire and Ice.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On day five what surprise did Captain Smith reveal to the passengers of the Universe?
(a) There would be a special breakfast served in his honor.
(b) There was a swimming pool onboard the spaceship.
(c) There would be a magic show at dinner.
(d) There would be a dance later that night.

2. Uncle Paul searched for evidence and found it in what publication?
(a) 1981 issue of Nature.
(b) 1982 issue of Space.
(c) 2011 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.
(d) 2009 issue of Vogue.

3. Where did Dr. Floyd help Chris get a job?
(a) On the space hospital.
(b) On the spaceship Universe.
(c) On the spaceship Cosmos.
(d) On the spaceship Tsung.

4. What was the name of the ghost that appeared to Dr. Floyd on his previous missions?
(a) Harol Darter.
(b) Gerald McRainy.
(c) David Bowman.
(d) Dot Henderson.

5. How did Europa start out?
(a) Clay debris.
(b) A flat piece of ice.
(c) Rocky refuse.
(d) A hilly cavern.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why could Van der Berg not work at an Earth-based university after the rescue?

2. Who did Dr. Floyd ask to research Shaka?

3. When interviewed, Captain Smith was questioned about what?

4. What did Floyd, Van der Berg, and Chang request of Captain Laplace?

5. What is the name of the spaceship Dr Floyd will use on his voyage to Haley's Comet?

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