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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 47, Shards | Chapter 48, Lucy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How fast was the Universe traveling?
(a) Twice as fast as any human being since the beginning of time.
(b) Not as fast as the voyage to the comet.
(c) Half as fast as any human being since the beginning of time.
(d) Slower than the ship that went to Europa.

2. What happened when the doctor put out the body through the refuse door?
(a) It vaporized.
(b) It floated.
(c) It sank.
(d) A water monster snatched it up.

3. What is Dr. Heywood Floyd's new nickname?
(a) Captain Floyd.
(b) Heywood Suicide.
(c) Suicide Floyd.
(d) Matey Floyd.

4. Who were the two passengers to have worn a spacesuit before?
(a) Dr. Floyd and Dr.Greenberg.
(b) Dr. Menhindrend and Dr.Oleg.
(c) Victor WIlis and Maggie M'Bala.
(d) George and Jerry.

5. Where did the captain ask the passengers of the Universe stay during rendezvous and touchdown?
(a) Strapped in the observation lounge.
(b) Secured in their passenger pods.
(c) Strapped in their beds.
(d) Secured in the dining hall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Dr Heywood Floyd reside?

2. Who kept his stateroom tidy?

3. What is the gravity on Haley's Comet?

4. Dr Floyd's return to Earth after his bone-breaking accident and following stay at the Space Hospital resulted in what?

5. The Galaxy's crew was so busy rearranging things, about what did Captain Laplace not have to worry?

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