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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 47, Shards | Chapter 48, Lucy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Drifting at sea, the Galaxy runs into what?
(a) A geyser.
(b) An iceberg.
(c) An island.
(d) A large wave.

2. What was Captain Laplace's main problem as the ship drifted on the Europan sea?
(a) Keeping the hull airtight.
(b) Keeping the crew busy.
(c) Making good coffee.
(d) Keeping the ship clean.

3. What is Lucifer? nebulae
(a) A space hospital.
(b) A rival to the sun.
(c) A new planet.
(d) A nebulae.

4. Who is the only living man to have witnessed the birth of a new sun and solar system?
(a) Victor Willis.
(b) Captain Laplace.
(c) Captain Smith.
(d) Dr. Heywood Floyd.

5. Mr. Chang attempted to land on what at first?
(a) A canyon floor.
(b) A frozen lake.
(c) A rocky hillside.
(d) A cloud covered piece of land.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the article refer to in its title?

2. To where was Tsung fleet's Cosmos designed to travel?

3. What was Rolf van der Berg's job?

4. Who flew the shuttle on the Mount Zeus mission?

5. Where did Sir Lawrence viewed a program about space exploration?

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