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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 47, Shards | Chapter 48, Lucy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To be able to be a stop for the Pacific Spaceport travel line what had to be discovered and was on the Moon?
(a) Sand dunes.
(b) Green grass.
(c) Ice deposits.
(d) Dried creekbed.

2. How large was the Universe's video library?
(a) Enough for a couple of months.
(b) Enough for a date night.
(c) Enough for several lifetimes of viewing.
(d) Enough for a day or two.

3. How did Rosie McMullen hijack the ship?
(a) Shot Second Officer Chang in the leg.
(b) Held Second Officer Chang hostage.
(c) Held Second Officer Chang at gunpoint..
(d) Locked Second Officer Chang in a closet.

4. When interviewed, Captain Smith was questioned about what?
(a) About weightlessness.
(b) About space toilets.
(c) Hitting space debris while traveling so fast.
(d) About how the rescue will occurr.

5. Why did van der Berg stop Floyd from picking up the Europan dirt?
(a) He did not want him to touch it first.
(b) He was not wearing gloves.
(c) It was radioactive.
(d) It looked like glass.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Second Officer Chang explain to Steward Third Class Rosie McCullen?

2. Who emerged from the bridge after the gunshot?

3. How did Mr.Chang propose they get to their destination?

4. Shaka executed his warriors for what offense?

5. Dr. Floyd spent the first forty-eight hours of his voyage doing what?

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